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JJ Electronic began producing vacuum tubes in 1994 in the reorganized Tesla factory in the Slovak Republic. In less than 20 years JJ Electronic has...More Details

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In less than 20 years JJ Electronic has gone from producing only a few different tubes to now offering over 30 different tubes. JJ's ECC83S preamp tubes have been one of our best sellers for over 10 years. Likewise, the same can be said about their 6L6GC power tube.In addition, they also offer outstanding electrolytic capacitors for tube amplifier power supplies.

JJ Electronic preamp audio tubes such as ECC83-S, ECC82-S, ECC803S, ECC802S, and more, are available with standard pins or gold plated pins. The JJ power output tubes like 6L6-GC, E34L/EL34, 6V6-S, EL84, 6CA7, KT88, KT77, KT66, 300B, 7027A, and 7591-S are all great performers. JJ has also produced a few unique vacuum tube variants not produced elsewhere - specifically the EL509S, ECC99, and EL844 tubes.

In more recent years JJ Electronic has developed excellent rectifier tubes as well. The JJ 5Y3-S rectifier tube is the best current production replacement for NOS/USA made 5Y3GT rectifier tubes.  The JJ GZ34S, 5U4GB, and EZ81/6CA4 are also good reliable rectifier tubes.

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