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Now in stock - the new JJ 6CA7 power tubes! The mids and low end are fantastic. Quite similar to 6L6 tone but with a little more rolled off high end.

From our review of this 6CA7 tube: "When installed in a 50W Hiwatt head these tubes just roar. It’s a classic sound for beefy rock anthems. The sound is firm and articulate. A number of customers have reported that this 6CA7 tube is darker sounding. Your mileage may vary but I found nothing dark about them at all. Smooth yes, dark, not so much in my testing."

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8 reviews

Heavy duty EL34!


I've got to say, I really like those tubes. Nice job JJ! I will describe the sound as "solid" ! I don't know why, but they seems to be louder then EL34 tube types that I've put in my amp before. They provide a lot of tight cello low-mid and a superb vocal midrange. The high-end is there enough to give a perfect separation between notes, but not overbearing as some 6CA7. In my opinion that is the perfect choice for hard rock. These JJ 6CA7 are born to play loud. Thank you thetubestore for your excellent service!

Sounds like a 6L6 and biases like EL34.


To me, these sound and look exactly like a JJ 6L6GC. Holding them side by side, the only visible difference is the square hole in the plate. The 6L6 has a round hole. Electrically, they require about -20V less than a 6L6 to bias correctly. Which is nice for guys that want a 6L6 sound in their EL34 amplifiers. The JJ 6CA7 is now in direct competition with the EH 6CA7.



Nice tubes, but they have a little feedback...medium to low they are fat..not very clear in highs : (

The JJ E34L are more linear, with more clear and natural mids and very very nice highs with separation between notes and more sound . After testing them they are ok but not very HIFI .

Not a KT77


I bought a quad of the JJ 6CA7's to compare to the EH 6CA7 as well as the JJ KT 77 in my own personal "shoot out" of sorts. In a nutshell, I prefer the JJ 6CA7 over the EH as the JJ (to me) sounds a little more "full" in a expansive way. I also prefer the JJ 6CA7 over the EH in the midrange as I feel it is slightly more realistic, more "3D" sounding over the EH tube. But, between the three, the JJ and EH 6CA7 and the KT77, the JJ KT77 is the best of the three, being better in the highs, a cleaner midrange and just a better overall performer and the better value.

Oh, what growl...


Fantastic tube if you have an amp/guitar rig with lots of high end that you need to tame, speaking from experience. Dark but still articulate. Great kick in the mids without being overbearing. A wonderful change for my ears.