6L6 | 5881 | 7581A Vacuum Power Tubes

The 6L6 vacuum tube was first released by RCA in 1936. Nearly 80 years later it remains the most used power output tube. It dominates the electric guitar tube amp world. The 6L6 tube equivalent part numbers 5881 and 7581A vacuum tubes are acceptable substitutes in some amplifiers. Matched pairs, quads, and octets are available...More Details

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Fender has been using them since the 1940s and since then there have been many others who have designed hugely popular tube amplifiers that rely on the 6L6 tube types for their tone. Unlike the EL34 power tube, 6L6 tubes generally sound a little cleaner and tend to have a bit more beef in the low end as well as more bite on the top. Some players prefer the extra clarity and punch of the 6L6 tube types.

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