EL34 | 6CA7 | KT77 Vacuum Power Tubes

The EL34 vacuum tube is perhaps the most popular output power tube of all time. EL34 tubes have been used in guitar tube amplifiers and hifi tube amplifiers for decades. Other EL34 tube equivalent part numbers or substitutes are KT77 and 6CA7. Matched pairs, quads, and octets are available...More Details

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Marshall tube amps are the most well-known EL34 tube guitar amplifiers but there are many others who arrived on the scene in later years. In the tube audio world, it was companies like Dynaco, Leak, and Mullard among others who help boost the EL34 tube’s popularity.

Common substitutes for EL34 vacuum tubes are 6CA7 and KT77 tubes. Although not identical, they are close enough to be considered direct substitutes in almost any instance. The EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 also have similar pin outs. Be sure to check out our EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 tube reviews page for more information regarding the sound qualities of these tubes.

Many of the EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 tubes listed here also have customer tube reviews. We also indicate top sellers for the EL34 tube type.

Be sure to click the “Additional Info” tab when viewing a specific EL34 tube. There you will find related articles and downloads such as datasheets and matching information when available. Other excellent links for technical information can be found at EL34 tubes in Wikipedia, EL34 tubes in Duncan Amps, and EL34 tubes in The Tube Directory.

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