Preferred Series Tubes

Preferred Series tubes combine the best of everything that has to offer. All of our years of experience in testing, rating, listening, and customer knowledge are brought together for the best tube value we can provide...More Details

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These are tubes that consistently provide us with the most positive customer feedback, have the best build quality, and which we subject to our most exhaustive testing yet.

Only a few tubes will be part of the Preferred Series. Here's how a tube qualifies:

-We choose tube models with great customer feedback, build quality, and performance.
-We source them directly and pay a premium to meet our specifications for build, materials, and test results.
-Then we digitally test every single one

Preferred Series tubes are a guaranteed upgrade to your sound. These are tube lines not seen in original equipment.

Extended Warranty: All Preferred Series tubes carry a 6 month extended warranty.

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