Vacuum Tube Sockets stocks a wide range of vacuum tube sockets to suit every application. We have tube sockets for vintage guitar amps, hifi audio tube amplifiers, and tube radios...More Details

We carry porcelain sockets, ceramic sockets, teflon sockets, and micalex sockets. Gold pin tube sockets are available for most versions. Brands like Belton, Woo Audio, CMC, and more. We offer sockets for 4 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin, 8 pin, 9 pin, and 12 pin tubes as well as replacement tube shields and tube retainers for both preamp tubes and power tubes.

Whether you are repairing an old tube amp or building your DIY tube amp we have the vacuum tube sockets you need in stock and ready to ship!

Be sure to click the “Additional Info” tab when viewing a specific socket. There you will find related articles and downloads such as dimensions, datasheets, and ratings.

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