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The new JJ E83CC (12AX7) vacuum tube is here! It is modeled after the legendary Tesla/Teslovak E83CC preamp tube using a frame grid internally.

From our review: "The tube sounds very good and it’s extremely quiet. Spiral filament winding does seem to have an effect. The noise floor is better than the standard ECC83S. Frequency response is excellent. In the lower register of guitar it produces a nice thump. Great for palm muting, drop tunings and percussive rhythm. Mids are upfront but not honkey and there’s no issue with highs. When I slammed the front end of my amp with a boost pedal the overdrive was quite musical and focused. I didn’t get heavy mush. I also ran a pair of these tubes in my phono stage with good results. I’d have no problem recommending for use in studio rack gear or other audio applications."

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JJ E83CC / 12AX7 |Outstanding tube!


Outstanding tube. Best 12AX7 type tube I've heard.

Originally designed as an audio specific dual triode with low noise and microphonics. It's a clone of the legendary "Telefunken ECC803S", which purists hail as the best ever 12AX7.

It's equivalent to the 6N23P, 6DJ8 & 6922 designations. It's a great choice for hi-fi amplifiers, guitar amps and studio equipment.

The JJ-E83CC breaks-up with a satisfying warmth with plenty of articulation that's less harsh and more dynamic than a JJ ECC83S.

It's a little darker than standard JJ ECC83S valves and has a smooth overdrive crunch that blends very well with the quick breakup of a JJ EL844 providing a lot of overdrive when driven hard in my single-ended Class A amp.

Benefits of the more rugged frame grid construction are: Higher gain, higher transconductance (Gm), lower input capacity, higher limiting frequency, almost no microphonics, better grid & plate current division, significantly lower hissing noise and longer service life.

JJ E83CC / 12AX7 | Best new production 12ax7


The best new production small signal tube I have tried. Finally back in stock! I have most of the best vintage 12ax7s and these JJ-E83CC are fully competitive, you might prefer certain vintage tubes, but you might also like these better. Not cheap at $30 US, but cheaper than vintage Teles or Amperex.

JJ E83CC / 12AX7 | Great tube.

by -

No matter what tube I put this amp in, it always sounds good. Its got plenty of gain and very nice cutting tone without sounding harsh. Put this JJ-E83CC in my Splawn nitro and tightened up the low end nicely but left plenty of cut in the amp still.

Not the quietest 12AX7 tube out there, but nothing outrageous either.

JJ E83CC / 12AX7 | A quiet, balanced, smooth tube with stellar overdrive character

by -

A main component of my tone is a Tubesteader Beekeeper pedal that I'd been trying to find the right tube compliment for. I finally settled on a Northern Electric 12AX7 for V1, but was having trouble finding a good tube for V2 (which is the "overdrive" section of the cascading gain stages).

When I plugged this JJ-E83CC tube into the V2 socket it was magic. There's so little additional noise from this tube, it's super quiet. The thing that really sold it is how smooth and even the overdrive character was. All of the frequencies are nicely balanced, there's nothing poking out and getting rowdy.

The other thing is that the gain is pleasant all through the range, from edge of breakup all the way to fully saturated. Some tubes seem to do light overdrive really well but fall apart when you slam them. Other tubes are the opposite, they don't sound good until you really open them up. This tube was silky smooth all the way and responded perfectly.

JJ E83CC / 12AX7 | E83cc


This JJ-E83CC is the tube for v1 it is almost identical to a nos rca, its incredible for the price, trust me its lush!!!!