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From our JJ KT88 tube listening test:
"The JJ KT88 tube has the best imaging of all the tubes in this category. The bass is unique in that it compresses the very bottom end. This provides incredible bass response without ever losing control. Overall a great KT88 tube for orchestral, opera, and jazz music."

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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

A Great KT88


It's amazing how good a current production tube can sound. I've used this in a HiFi amp, with Partridge Output Transformers, and it sounds fantastic. I've also compared this tube to the NOS Miniwatt UK made KT88s and they sound pretty much the same.

Very Nice KT88


I've used these for some time in my VAC 220 Monoblocks and they are quite dependable. The bass end is quite tight and detail is pretty darn good, with warm and natural harmonics and sweet highs. I use vintage Martin-Logan CLS electrostatic speakers, which can sound like White Lightning on the top end, so clean and natural treble is a must. These tubes deliver a wonderfully musical quality that I am very pleased with. A slight lack of space and stage depth keeps them from a 5 Star rating, but overall an excellent KT88.

Great KT88 Tube


I have two pairs of made in Czechoslovakia TESLA KT88's and recently got a chance to look inside one as it died. The occasion also afforded me the chance to compare it with a JJ, something I've been wanting to do, so I sacrificed a JJ KT88 and broke it open. I was not terribly surprised to learn the JJ tube was made as well, if not slightly better than the late 90's TESLA. The welds and the general finishing was better with the JJ. These are VERY well made tubes. I've never had an issue with failures, red-plating, rattle or any other of the common problems of cheap tubes, with these. Highly recommended!

Very pleasant sound


I'm using JJ KT88s in a Musical Paradise MP-301 mkIII amp (6.5 watts per channel), playing into vintage Sansui SP-2000 speakers. The sound is superb - smooth and holographic with a gorgeous midrange. The initial brightness cleared up once burned in, as expected. I chose these tubes based on the Tube Store's recommendation about imaging and I would definitely buy these again.

Surprisingly Good KT88 Tube


Just replaced KT120's in my Cary Rocket 88R. As good as the KT120's were I wanted greater coherence through out the frequency range and a fuller (not warmer) presentation.

The tubes have been running for 3.5 hours. So these are my initial impressions and will follow up once they are fully burned in.

Initially, considering the price or for that matter any price, I'm shocked at how good these tubes are in my system. The KT120's are definitely not a bad tube but the JJ's are in a different bracket altogether, perhaps it's system synergy, whatever it is I'm glad I gave the JJ's a try.