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JJ Electronic has introduced an EL84 tube with a twist! The new JJ EL844 tube provides about 25% less headroom than a traditional EL84, but can be used in any EL84 tube amp without modification to the amp. If you need less headroom for your bedroom amp consider the EL844 tube.

From our review: "The EL844 does exactly what the manufacturer claims. You get all the tone of an EL84 with less volume overall. The difference doesn’t end there. Because the tube has less power to give, you end up with very nice distortion at lower volumes. I ran the Pro Jr. up to a point just at the start of audible breakup. With EL84's, the Fender Pro Jr. was loud and punchy. Switch to the EL844's and cool stuff starts to happen. At the same settings the distortion was now very nice. The EL844 adds a bit of compression so the distortion was smoother and more focused. These tubes have excellent response to pick attack. With a lighter touch you can get sparkling shimmer, dig in with the pick and you can push the tubes into overdrive."

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My Review


Great tube. I have a 60's Whiteface Gibson Skylark that is very particular when it comes to tubes. With the right output tube it sounds golden, but a lot of tubes I have tried sounded harsh when I cranked it. The JJ EL844 tubes are up to the job. Warm tone with a very smooth, pleasing overdrive. Not harsh at all. I'm very glad I ordered them. Thanks.

VOX Night Train 15


I have had a love/hate relationship with my amp. It can be noisy and a tad harsh when driven hard and VERY Loud for my purposes.

So I installed a set of these tubes and they did EXACTLY what the review of the tubes say they will do. It smoothed everything out and provides a stunning overdrive sound at low volume levels - think front room in the house.

These are great tubes if you wish to achieve the objectives of this tube as spelled out in the review - so read the review.

Thanks for this tube :-)

Traynor YGM-3 ReIssue


I purchased a matched pair in an attempt to lower the volume of my YMG-3 for living room levels. I have read good and bad reports on these relatively new variations of the EL84. As soon as I installed them I noticed a significant change in the tone of the amp and it wasn't good. The low end was overly distorted and there was a irritating crackle to the mids and hi's when cranked. As well the tremolo intensity was screwed up. I aborted back to the EL84s.

Don't know if the tube(s) were defective or these type of tubes can't function properly in the Traynor fixed bias design.

I sent them back in exchange for JJ EL84s.

vox ac15hw1


I was skeptical about these from different reviews I've read, but I like them. I didn't really notice loss of bass, top end or anything. They sound like el84 tubes to me. I was able to turn my amp up much more than usual for band practice which let me get the amps natural growl kickin...nice!!!

wow !


if you are a bedroom rocker you need these.