JJ EL844 (low power EL84) Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

JJ Electronic has introduced an EL84 vacuum tube with a twist! The new JJ EL844 power tube provides about 25% less headroom than a traditional EL84, but can be used in any EL84 tube amp without modification to the amp. If you need less headroom for your bedroom amp consider the EL844 tube.

From our review: "The EL844 does exactly what the manufacturer claims. You get all the tone of an EL84 with less volume overall. The difference doesn’t end there. Because the tube has less power to give, you end up with very nice distortion at lower volumes. I ran the Pro Jr. up to a point just at the start of audible breakup. With EL84's, the Fender Pro Jr. was loud and punchy. Switch to the EL844's and cool stuff starts to happen. At the same settings the distortion was now very nice. The EL844 adds a bit of compression so the distortion was smoother and more focused. These tubes have excellent response to pick attack. With a lighter touch you can get sparkling shimmer, dig in with the pick and you can push the tubes into overdrive."

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JJ EL844 (low power EL84) | I tried them in my 40w Trinity SIII


I found JJ-EL844 very thin sounding and did notice a pleasing breakup? They did not work out well for this type of amp.

JJ EL844 (low power EL84) | Perfect for small vintage amps!


I put one of these JJ-EL844 in a Marshall Mercury combo, a very rare hybrid amp that was made in the early to mid-70s with a SS preamp and EL84 power stage. The amp came alive with the JJ EL844, I was amazed at the different this tube made. Yes there is headroom, but with a Marshall not what I'm after anyway. If you want crunch at lower volumes in a 5 to 15 watt amp, this tube could be what you are looking for.

JJ EL844 (low power EL84) | Way Too Bright For My Trace Elliott Velocette


I'm giving these JJ-EL844 tubes 3 stars strictly because they did not work well with my amp - Trace Elliott Velocette. For those not familiar with the Velocette, it is a 15 watt Class A amp very similar to a Vox AC 15. These amps tend to be bright and extremely loud for 15 watts, so I was looking for something to mellow it out and reduce the volume. What I experienced was just the opposite. As some others have experienced and mentioned in their reviews, this amp actually sounded louder with the EL844's. It also was significantly brighter to the point where I could not even use the bright switch without it becoming absolutely "ice pick" bright, no matter where I set the tone control. They sound really nice at very low volume, so I'm sure they are probably very good sounding tubes in most amps, however, they did not perform as advertised on this amp.

JJ EL844 (low power EL84) | Good and Smooth with One Caveat


These JJ-EL844 are excellent tubes for most amps: smooth and clear. Strangely though, compared to Mullard EL84s in my Vox NT15h amp; the JJ EL844s seem louder (rather than quieter). Overall, I like them, though, and the only reason I give them four stars is that these tubes don't seem to like every amp. They work fine in most of my amps, but they don't seem to vibe with my Hiwatt Hi-5. When installing an EL844, that I know works just fine, I end up with a very strange sort of vocal-fry like noise. Some EL844s generate a lot of it; some just generate a little of it... but I have not found one yet (out of six) that doesn't do it at all. For the Hi-5, that's too bad, because the least noisy of them did sound really good, otherwise. For want of a better analogy, the noise is like a tube-amp approximation of vocal fry... an unpleasant sort of static-like vibration under the notes (maybe a bit like a mini motorcycle engine powering every note, every chord).

JJ EL844 (low power EL84) | Seconding the Night Train recommendation.


As R. Drake says above (or below, depending), these JJ-EL844 tubes helped turn my love/hate relationship with my Vox Night Train firmly only the love side, especially considering the price of a Night Train!