6H30 | 6N30 | 6H30p | 6N30p Preamp Vacuum Tubes

The 6H30 preamp tube has become the tube of choice for many of today's high end audio companies. There are no true 6H30 vacuum tube equivalent part numbers, however they are also referred to as 6N30, 6N30p, 6H30p, 6N30П, and 6H30П. The very best version known is the 6H30p-EB (6H30П-EB)...More Details

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First introduced by Balanced Audio Technology in the '90's, this Russian military tube had never been seen in the west. BAT called it the "Super Tube" and for good reason. It comes in a small package but due to it's low impedance one 6H30 tube can drive a signal more efficiently than several more common tubes in it's place. So where two or more 6922 tubes were used, one 6H30 could now do the job. Now this tube is fairly common and found in reference level gear by Audio Research, Ayon, and Conrad Johnson to name only a few.

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