JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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A premium quality ECC803 preamp tube that replaces any 12AX7 / ECC83 vacuum tube type. The JJ ECC803-S is a warm, full sounding tube, with high-gain. It's great sounding in hifi amps and guitar amps (guitar players see note below).

Note: Because this tube has a long plate structure it is susceptible to excessive microphonics and is therefore not recommended for use in combo amps or high gain stages. For these amps the JJ ECC83-S is a better choice.

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JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 | Make that Bug jump

by -

Replaced the factory Bugera tube in my Bug 5 watt. Oh my! Much fuller sound with JJ-ECC803S.
Going to get a JJ EL84 replacement next.

JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 | Fantastic tube!


This JJ-ECC803S tube is amazing! Sounds big, fat, rich in midrange and has enough gain to not make it sound too fizzy. Love it on V1 position in my Bogner Alchemist. I think this tube can be a great replacement for NOS sound, I'm sparing my NOS Tesla ECC83 and Mullard ECC83 for gigs and studio only so I gave this tube a try for a practicing purposes and I gotta say it comes really really close to the NOS sound. It's very cheap and I gave it a try and I was blown away what sound I got for such little money!

JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 | This will wake up your Marshall Plexi


This JJ-ECC803S is actually a pretty good sounding tube. i find them sonically clearer than TungSol or Mullard reissue. I use ECC803S on all preamp tube slots in my Fargen Super Lead/Bass. Slightly a hair less gain than the Tungsol or Shuguang 12ax7b, but the clarity of the notes sounded better to my ears. I find the high and low end almost “even” with a singing midrange which is great for soloing. They crunch up well without that “hazy” undertones of the regular JJ-ECC83. Dime the gain/preamp volume, the saturation is there without the fuzziness.

JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 | Great tube for harsh Fenders

by -

For 20 years I have been unhappy with the way my strat sounded through my favorite amp. Very shrill and harsh. After reading the reviews, I decided to give these JJ-ECC803S a try. Wow, exactly as advertised. Full smooth clear top end without the cringe. Thank you !!

JJ ECC803S / 12AX7 | Good value, great sound.


I have two SWR Grand Prix bass preamps I use in my stereo extended range bass rig, which also is full range enough for reproducing pre-recorded full ensemble music. I have been using the gold pin version of these tubes. Wonderful sound. They last about a year before degrading and exhibiting audible changes. I decided to try the standard pin JJ-ECC803S version. Very balanced reproduction when new at a 50% reduction in cost. Even if the replacement interval is the same, a cost effective way to save money and get the sound you want.