6V6 Vacuum Power Tubes

The 6V6 vacuum tube was first released by RCA in the late 1930s. Its low price and good performance made this power tube impossible to ignore. Another 6V6 tube equivalent part number is CV511. Matched pairs, quads, and octets are available...More Details

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Over the next two decades the 6V6 tube became widely used in small radios, hifi amplifiers and consoles, and instruments amps. In single-ended tube amps one 6V6 output tube can produce about 5 watts of power. In push-pull tube amplifiers 15W is typical. Although Fender is best known for their 6L6 tube amp designs, they have had huge success with the Champ, Princeton, and Deluxe tube amps that all use 6V6GT output tubes.

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