JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 Gold Preamp Vacuum Tube

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The JJ ECC83S / 12AX7 gold pin preamp tube is a premium quality vacuum tube.  This preamp tube replaces any 12AX7 / ECC83 type.

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5 reviews


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I've tried hundreds of tubes in guitar amps and pro audio gear and consistently this JJ-ECC83S-G is one of the best sounding, lowest noise, lowest microphonic tubes I've ever used.

JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 Gold | A very very great tube but little expensive


Better sound than the regular one and got the tone I like . JJ-ECC83S-G is sweater and less harsh imo and kind of more hi-fi way. The gain is very similar but with lower noise.
Maybe not the best tube to use everywhere for some amps depending what sound you are looking for but in the fx loop did a awesome job for me and really cleared up most of the crap in my sound .In my ENGL preamp E530 in (V1,V2) they are unbeatable and nothing come close
I really recommend this tube for some applications and where lower noise is required .

Many thanks to TS for the quick shipping and the best customer services

JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 Gold | The best JJ ECC83-S I’ve tryouts


I principally use this JJ-ECC83S-G tube in (V4) fx loop in my Mesa dual rec for reducing background noises and it does a really great job .
Is gold pins are just SNAKE OIL ? Not really they have a different sound like kind of more “ Hi-Fi “ side musically speaking
A tiny Gold plated coat on pin has nothing to do with the sound especially in guitar amps that’s for sure but what I found is :
They have smoother sound overall, less noise, Harmonically better and great sweet mids and highs to die for.
It also took off some fizz and harshness of my amp which’s a really good thing for me 😁
So don’t be fooled by the tiny gold plated pins that will wear out soon anyway 😉 But seriously this tube really sound different in a great way compared to the regular one.
It’s another Awesome tube with a fantastic sound from JJ and well made .
I’m really impressed by the sound of this tube and I will buy some more in the future for sure.

Thanks for the very quick shipping and the best customers service

JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 Gold | not ok


JJ-ECC83S-G made my dark metal overdrive sound like Boy George.

Upgrade for JVM 205H


Switched from factory equipped Sovteks to 5 of the JJ Goldplates. Initially liked the clarity and tone on the clean channel, at volume. Gain stages are a bit subdued. Not the crunch and sparkle of the Sovtek. It is a good quality tube though.