6922 | ECC88 | 6DJ8 | E88CC | 7308 | E188CC Preamp Vacuum Tubes

Below is our current selection of 6922 and E88CC vacuum tubes. There are several 6922 tube equivalent part numbers available. Vacuum tubes such as 7308 and E188CC are considered some of the very best but are less common. More rare, is the CCa preamp tube that was sparingly made by Telefunken and Siemens. The standard 6DJ8 is also known as ECC88. In Russia, this preamp tube is called 6N23P or 6Н23П...More Details

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For more information on 6922 vacuum tubes including pinouts, ratings, application and possible substitutions visit 6922 in Wikipedia, 6922 in Duncan Amps, and 6922 in The Tube Directory.

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