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The JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 tube is another affordable replacement rectifier tube for both guitar and hi-fi tube amplifiers.

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8 reviews

JJ 5AR4 Rectifier


I've been reading some negative reviews on other websites, and wanted to say that I've been using this tube in a Leak Stereo 50 amp for over a year, and have not had any problems with it at all. There would be at least 500 hours of use. Admittedly, I don't thrash the amp, or listen at high volume levels, but this tube compares very well to a NOS Mullard which I have also tested.

JJ 4AR4 Rectifier (update)


Update: Oct 31, 2013
"I just wanted to say I got to the bottom
of what was causing the tube arcing. It was due to a faulty filter
choke winding, which was slowly shorting inside to ground. It turned
out NOT to be the tube causing the problem."
Following on from my earlier review, this tube did actually arc on me a few days ago. I had a spare JJ 5AR4 so I'm using that one now, and so far, no signs of trouble. I'll monitor this one, and update the review if it's warranted. I still really like this tube, and JJ tubes in general. Maybe the earlier tube was from a bad batch? but I still got nearly a year out of it. Will keep you posted.

Tube buyer and user


Have been using JJ GZ34 rectifiers for at least 3 re-tubes in my guitar amp. All have served their purposes well and not let me down with the exception of the latest one which was way overdue for replacement (2 years heavy use) but that is expected.

Nothing to fault......


Rectifier tubes either work well, or they don't... And the JJ does a fine job. It doesn't get to hot, and the amp sounds great.... The price is very good on this tube, so I'll gladly use them as a standard.

They Do What I Want


I have two 2001 Vox AC30/6-TBX amps: Brian May style. Brian uses the Normal channel exclusively but I also like the '60's jangle of the Brilliant channel. So, there have been tone stack mods done & filter cap values increased to where the dimed amps can withstand +35 dB gain from the May Treble booster. Rectifier - Sovtek. BM Tube life Power Stage – 30 hours max.

For all other styles of music, utilizing Brilliant (NOS tone stack parts) & Normal channels, I use the JJ GZ34's. They lend a little more compression and add sweetness to the tone. They bloom beautifully! I have been using them for about 15 years and I've never had a failure. I'm so satisfied with them that I haven't entertained the idea of using anything else. In fact, out of a compliment of 11 tubes, 9 are JJ’s.

It depends upon usage, but on average I get a minimum of two years out of these rectifiers.

I'm happy!