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Shop By Amp Package Guide - It's That Easy

Are you looking to replace the vacuum tubes in your amplifier and need guidance selecting just the right set for your needs?

With our Shop by Amp Section simply:  Locate your amp - Choose the tube package you want - Click “Add to Cart” and all the tubes you need will be added to your shopping cart. It’s that easy!

Our Shop By Amp tube packages are the most popular combinations we've learned about through years of experience and feedback from hundreds of customers. These tube replacement packages are designed for your amp and come in different option levels listed below. With these retube packages, you can get improved tube amp tone and still meet any budget.

Value Package

Best bang for your buck. We know tone is important but there are other financial priorities in your life right now. If you are looking for a great set of tubes that are known to work well in your amp without breaking the bank, these are for you.

Premium Package

You have more time to play your amp, the kids are out of the house but you still have to cover their tuition. These vacuum tubes provide excellent tone at a reasonable price and the most popular combination recommended by customer feedback.

Ultimate Package

Life has been good to you and price is no longer a factor. You have now joined the elite who talk about amp tone like it's a fine wine. Now you desire the Ultimate tube that could open up the heavens and cast angels down to sing while you listen or play. These retube sets consist of the very best tubes we have to offer.

Vintage Package

Is that your grandpa's tube? Like thrift shopping but way more expensive!! These are the tubes your grandparents used back in the good old days making them truly old school. In situations where there just isn't a vintage tube left to do the job, we have selected current production tubes that best emulate that true vintage tone.

Metal Package

You like your amp to scream and want the metal tone that made your parents consider putting you in therapy. Turns out you didn't need therapy at all, you just need these tubes in your amp to get you shredding again.

Invasion Package

Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, and Pete Townshend walk into a bar... they decided these tubes could take over the world. James Bond orders their drinks shaken, not stirred and the rest is history. As the name suggests, this package delivers a more vintage British tone.

Upgrade Package

The stock tubes are good but these ones are better. These vacuum tubes are frequently based of the recommendations of the manufacturers themselves as upgrades to their original equipment tubes.

Original Package

Just as the good amp manufacturers intended for the amp to sound. These sets are most likely what brands were originally stock tubes in your amp and in some cases are the recommended replacements directly from the manufacturer.