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You need more clean headroom?  The new Tung-Sol 7581A vacuum tube is the answer.  This tube is an upgraded 6L6GC tube but willprovide more headroom than typical 6L6GC tubes. The 7581-A tube has a plate dissipation rating of 35W, as opposed to the 6L6GC and 7581 rating of 30W.  The 7581A tube can be used in any 6L6 based tube circuit.

From our review: "Balanced, is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the sound. Other descriptive words would include detailed, rich and responsive. The bass response, midrange and treble were very balanced and the EQ could essentially be left flat.Very rich sounding with enough shimmer and harmonics to put a smile on my face."

A fantastic choice for your Fender tube amp, Ampeg amps normally using 7027A tubes, Music Man amps, or any other 6L6 based tube amp where you need to increase headroom.

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An Amazing Tube


I had a few friends test one of these in a little SE amp. It has been listened to by a few really good players and the response has been amazing. I sent out a kit with a NOS Sylvania 6L6GC, a Tung Sol 6L6GC-STR, and this Tungsol 7581A tube. I told the boys to swap them out and tell me what they thought was best. Everyone thought the 7581A was way better. A buddy of mine did the test using his favourite tube, the 6L6WGB that was made by Philips/Sylvania. Even that tube came in second and it’s an amazing tube.



I just installed these tubes in a fresh Super Reverb Clone build. This amp features Mercury Magnetics,combination of double shielded PIO/Polypropelene capacitors, carbon comp resistors, and a modified tone stack that works every time. Before I installed these tubes I had 6L6GC-STR's. They actually sounded superb. I really didn't expect what this tube will do. Strong Clean Head Room with power. Reminds me of that 6L6 Winged C tube they quit making a few years back. Well balanced tone. If you like clean and strong, I can't imagine you would be disappointed.



I bought this tube on a whim to put in my Swart class A amp. Didn't expect much but the reviews convinced me to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. Recently I've been getting into some jazz and more 'clean' guitar sounds in general and this tube seems to have unlimited headroom. Kind of the opposite of the early breakup I was used to in either a 6V6 or Tung-Sol EL-34B. It's also powerful (gets much louder than a 6V6) and it's well-balanced. I'll probably be using this for my power needs for a while.

Amazing Tubes


I completely upgraded my McInstosh MC240, and installed a new set of tubes. The result is absolutely fantastic. Amazing high, deep bass, perfect middle. These tubes have a lot of punch.
Love them.

2 small cons: 1) the bottle is not "vintage look", no curves. 2) my amps not at idle consume 20 Watts more. Not a biggy and it's not uncommon. Newer tube are more power hungry than vintage.

Wake up Call


I put a matched Quad of these 7581A's into a 1940's dual rectifier, 4-6L6, RCA Victor Microphone amp and the results was dramatic. It certainly woke this old dinosaur up. With 5881 tubes in it it sounded great, but lacked headroom, for a quad power tubed amp. This all changed with 4 - 7581A's. Lucky enough was I, this old RCA amp has a "High Power" toggle switch sitting between the dual rectifiers which accommodates these tubes nicely. With a 1930's crystal microphone, and a pair of Jensen 504, Coaxial 15 inch speakers, this amp is a "Harp Monster". No matter how big the room is, or how loud the guitarist plays, the Harp doesn't get buried in the mix. These tubes are incredible. If you want to wake up a sleeping giant, get some for your next retube. You'll hear the difference.