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The new Mullard 6L6GC vacuum tube is in stock now. A great looking tube that's well constructed. Dark gray plates, medium height bottle, and clear-top with side getters.

From our review: "Bass response is firm and the sound remains detailed. I put some of these in my 59 Harmon Kardon and they were very pleasant to listen to. No ear fatigue and plenty of detail. They also performed well in my 53 Bandmaster. Lots of punch and some really nice bluesy sound when wound up."

From the manufacturer: "This valve is a rugged reliable replacement for any 6L6 or 5881 type. Perfect replacement for the output valves used in the reissue Marshall JTM-45 head and Bluesbreaker Combo amplifiers."

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2002 HOT ROD DELUXE - new caps, filters, 330 switching resistors (Jensen C-12N, Bias 68 Mv)


Tried these new Mullards, because 3-YO Winged "C"s began rattling, and replacements are much too pricey!

#1 BEST TONE; Tight, w/Smooth Bass, Fat Distortion: Bright Switch Activated & Deactivated
V1: Preferred Series 7025
V2: Preferred Series 7025
V3: Mullard 12AT7WA / CV4024

MUFFLED BASS & 'TINNY' on 'any' EQ config:
-Bright Switch Activated & Deactivated
V1:Genelex Gold Lion ECC83/B759
V2:Preferred Series 7025
V3: Mullard 12AT7 Reissue

TOO BRIGHT/WEAK BASS on 'any' EQ config:
-Bright Switch Deactivated
V1:Genalex - Gold Lion ECC83 (Standard)
V2: Mullard 12AX7 / ECC83
V3: Mullard 12AT7 Reissue

The tone reminds me of TAD 6L6WGC-STRs. They're definitely not as sweet as Winged "C"s, but with the right EQ, you'll enjoy them. The Mullards took approx 2 weeks to break-in and show their stuff.

I am happy...Hope these last a good duration!

HOT ROD DELUXE (Jensen C-12N, Bias 68 Mv)


UPDATE: These tubes pair best with JJ ECC83MG (Mid Gain) in V1&V2 with Mullard 12AT7 Reissue in V3:

* 7 months going & bias still rock-solid @68

* EQs can be moved just about anywhere with favorable results

* Gold Lion ECC83 (Premium) and/or Tungsol 12AX7 tubes produce flabby/muddy bass and mids-highs are tinny

* Tried these since Winged "C" tubes price too rich for my blood

* New pine cabinet replaced OEM heavy, sound-muffling/smothering tolex cab - ooh-la-la tone!

Excellent Upgrade


Swapped these in to my Line Magnetic 845IA. The stock tubes failed and I had replaced with Gold Lion KT66’s. I found those to lack dynamics, sounded thin, and very 2 dimensional. Purchased the Mullards after speaking with thetubestore for ideas.

I know you have to give them an hour to warm up and 25-50 hours to break in, but I was immediately struck with more detail, presence, and the fullness I was missing with the Gold Lions. Huge improvement over those AND the stock tubes. Highly recommend.