Sovtek 6L6WXT+ Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

This Sovtek 6L6WXT+ vacuum tube is modeled after the vintage RCA 6L6GC "Black plate". This 6L6 power tube features larger plate dimensions and improved grid structure for increased power handling capabilities. It also features mica spacers with metal springs to eliminate tube rattle and microphonics. Sovtek claims it has 20 percent higher output than their 5881WXT.

From our review of the Sovtek 6L6-WXT+ tube: "Guitar-cable-amplifier. If this describes the rig you use, then this is one of two modern tubes you should consider. This is not a repackaged 5881 tube. Extremely low noise and a lack of microphonics combine with excellent ratings for detail and harmonic content to provide a tube of exceptional quality. These tubes can be used in any application. Plenty of power and great tone. We have tested these tubes with plate voltages ranging from 425 to 500 volts without problem. Biasing can be set from conservative to hot; again, no real problem and great tone will be delivered from most settings."

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Nice tube at a good price


The 5881 is the stock tube in the Traynor YCV40 and these are a good replacement. Can sound very clean with lots of headroom and a wide range of frequencies. Recommended!



Excellent tone from top to bottom. Brought my Phaez Daiseycutter back to life. Super fast shipping too!

If you want an Output tube true to the input this is it


While I can't rave about some of the factors the musicians on this site deem important, I can say that this tube is whatever you need it to be. It can handle anything you throw at it cleanly, tightly and coherently. Since I have been swapping the 12ax7s with JJs, Tungs, Sylvanias, Sovtek LPS and WXT+ I have to say that the one apparent characteristic of this tube is that it has the capacity to reproduce the characteristics of the input stage and reproduction of the recording without any apparent characteristic of its own.

Now let me say that my application is in a Hi-End Audio Amp. A John Helig modified Sansui AU-111 which is a phenomenal amp (particularly once I replaced the volume and balance pots which are notoriously distorting particularly as the amp gets older). Nevertheless these tubes can be bright, dark, powerful, tight, deep...whatever. They can maintain coherence even at high volumes and produce bass to the extremes of your equipment all while maintaining the very hi-end sound you expect.

In hi-end audio applications I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this tube. If you amp lacks bottom end get this tube and try the 12ax7wxt+ if you can find them. They have the best bass of any 12ax7 I have tried. Not as delicate or sweet but almost live sounding with brute bottom end which the 6L6WXT+ has no problem handling. I've tried at least five 6L6 tubes before these and while they all had their values they didn't match up in all applications and could be driven to fatigue well before these. Bottom line these are sweet when the input is sweet, bright with the input is bright, tight when input is tight...and on and on. Overall outstanding value in a 6L6. Once you get these you just need to find the driver that works for you.

Great for guitar-cable-amp


I have used these for several years in my Peavey Prowler. More often than not, I am running straight into the amp. Good tone, excellent reliability. I run them hard, and replace them when they lose the sparkle after a few years (on my 3rd set), but I have never had a failure. Good price too.

Favorite Tube


I like the sound of this tube. This is my 6L6 of choice due to the increased headroom, warm and smooth breakup to clip and creamy OD that is super responsive to touch. Tone oozes from the fingers when this tube gets cranking - this tube regularly get rough abuse - volumes on 6-9 out of 12 most evenings.

They are in every amp I build and I recommend them to everyone I know with a 6L6 amp.