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From our review: "This tube has the deepest bass, the highest highs and solid mids. In short, they sound a lot like a premium 6V6. No smooth creamy distortion here but tons of rock and roll crunch. If your bored with your normal EL84 tone these are definitely tubes to consider."

TAD says the following about their new EL84 power tube:

"The all new TAD EL84-STR tube combines the best of both worlds. We chose the thickest glass option and heaviest construction like the Russian EL84M tube and sonically most promising cathode and plate option to meet and exceed the tonal quality of the JJ/Tesla EL84 tube. Finally we added the gold grid wire to limit stray characteristics and to improve overall reliability. The result is the best EL84 tube currently produced. No compromise!"

Note: These tubes have a slightly larger diameter than other EL84 tubes so they can not be installed into some '90's era Marshall DSL201 or DSL401 amplifiers, some '90's era reissue Vox AC15 amps, and Bad Cat amps.

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One Of The Best EL84's Out There!


I use a quad of these tubes in one of my home-brew hi fi amps that I modeled after the HH Scott 222. Tons of headroom, with solid, stong bass. Top end is crystal clear. Doesn't have any of that harshness associated with Russian tubes. Sounds almost like a old 6V6! And they're built like a tank.

excellent tube


I bought a QUAD of these for a Music Reference RM10 and they are totally 100% terrific across every musical range. Strong down low, sweet open and intitmate mids and nicely extended highs. I would buy this tube anytime of the day or week. I prefer them over every EL-84 tube I have used. They are also very quiet and the RM-10 demands that.

Vox NT 15H


I just put these into my Vox head and took out JJ's I had in it. Absolutely love them. That being said, I can't say anything about the reliability. Time will tell. But, I performed a side by side comparison into the same cab (Marshall 410 16ohm slant). Both Night Train 15h heads had a Northern Electric 12AX7 in the V1 and Sovtek (the factory tube) in the V2.

TAD's were more articulate, slightly fatter, night and day warmer, punchier, meaner, and more rounded tone. The JJ's are good, but after this comparison it made it more apparent that the JJ's were harsh in the high spectrum of tone and did seem slightly louder. However, for a few $$$ more I'm sold on the TAD EL84's. All this being said, I not an expert and have not swapped a lot of tubes. I'm just saying that ear loves what is hearing with these middle of the road value tubes.

Maz 18NR


Replaced the EH EL84 tubes about 9 months ago. Don't play out a lot, but have noticed smoother response and less harshness. Great improvement from before.

Jet City JCA22H


Incredible! I've changed out lots of tubes in my, but these tubes seriously turned my budget practice rig into a serious low wattage SLO sounding rig. I expected them to sound better than the original tubes they replaced, but the difference was seriously astronomical. Amp sounds louder, has way more punchier bass, mid-bass, solid mid-range, and slicing highs when you need them. If you're into the mid-scooped tone thing, these tubes handle that very well.. These along with four Sovtek 12ax7LPS tubes and 1 JJ ECC83S tube in the cathode follower (LPS's don't do good there) and this $349.00 20 watt Jet City amp is ready to slay. Love these tubes and will recommend them to anyone with an EL84 amp. The info up top says they don't do distortion but have lots of crunch: On my OD channel, they are creamy, smooth, good note and multi-note definition. In short, they make the OD channel on my amp spew forth hot lava...