Tung-Sol EL84 / 6BQ5 Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Listening to the cries of the people, New Sensor has designed and produced the reissue Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 vacuum tube and it is now in stock.

From our review: "They sound very punchy and have lots of gain. The sound was more articulate than anything from Sovtek, EH or Mullard EL84 power tubes and was very similar to the Preferred Series 7189 tubes. Very low noise floor and no mechanical noise. Great crunch is easily achieved with a humbucker equipped guitar, while the sparkle shines through with single coils. When pushed into clipping these tubes just give off amazing harmonics and allow you to access some great, controlled feedback. I’m sold!"

The original Tung-Sol EL84/6BQ5 was a popular OEM power tube for American-made EL84/6BQ5 guitar amplifiers, such as those built by Gibson and Harmony. The manufacturer states that due to its rugged construction and conservative ratings, the reissue Tungsol EL84 vacuum tube is the most reliable current production EL84 tube available for use in Vox AC30 tube amps. Also, it is an ideal replacement for EL84 hi-fi tube audio amplifiers, such as those built by Fisher, Scott, and Harmon-Kardon.

Note: These tubes have a slightly larger diameter than other EL84 tubes so they can not be installed into some '90's era Marshall DSL201 or DSL401 amplifiers, some '90's era reissue Vox AC15 amps, and Bad Cat amps.

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

JJ ECC83-S / 12AX7 | A+++ in Friedman DS Mini and Matchless HC-30


I purchased these TS-EL84 preamp tubes years ago and put them in my Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini. The single greatest sounding edge of breakup tone I have ever heard. These took a very good, albeit kinda stiff feeling amp and added a level of harmonic complexity, a fuller sounding bottom end, and the most insane sparkle on the top end. These tubes also seemed to add a bloom and spanky compression to the amp so I bought a pair as a backup.
Pt 2 of this review: Recently I decided it was time to re-tube my Matchless HC-30 and figured these were the way to go. My issue with the JJ's that ship in the HC-30 are the stiff feel, the breakup tone is kinda farty like a bad fender and the amp lacks some of that natural compression. Given what these tubes did to my Friedman I was optimistic they would some good to the Matchless and they absolutely destroy the JJs. The Matchless is fuller, thicker, tons of chime and the gain is WAY more useful now!

Perfect for Modern Boxes.


I decided to swap these into my AC15CC1X and gut the old EH tubes that were there originally. Instantly the harsh top end was softer but not dark. The low end tightened up nicely when the master volume was cranked.

Sonically, I found these tubes to be pretty close to the JJ EL84's (bright, punchy, articulate) however because they're Tung-Sol's, they're built to handle a lot more stress and after a year and a half the set I put in is still going strong.

Balanced with awesome chime


I just put a set of these in my Divided by 13 JRT9/15. Replaced the JJ's that were in it when I bought it. These are the best EL84s I've heard. The JJ's had a sort of scooped sound. Like some lower mids were cut. These have a better balance. Less obvious bass hump but warmer though the notes. And the chime is better. What chime is supposed to be. Clear and airy, not sharp and brittle on top. Would recommend these for any EL84 amp. Time will tell how they hold up but the other reviews here are positive.
I used to have a Mesa Maverick and would have to look for a set of Sovteks that were tight in the bottles as once they got loose, the amp would get blurry. I can see these Tung-Sols cleaning up the articulation of that amp while making it even warmer sounding.

My new go-to for AC30


After being a little bit disappointed with a couple sets of JJs (noisy, seemed to lose life fairly quickly, some were REALLY bad), I've tried out a set of these, and a set of the TADs.

Quite simply, these tubes are fantastic. They easily were the best performers in my AC30. The JJ's sparkle and chime (when they work), but they're noisy and a bit unreliable. The TADs are VERY neutral sounding, which doesn't seem to suit the AC30 very well, but works ok in my american style amp.

The Tung-sols have a chime that almost matches up with a perfect JJ, and everything else about the tube is superior. They have a tighter, better sounding bottom end, they're more balanced throughout the frequency range, and they are incredibly solid in construction, with practically no microphonics even when pushing the amp HARD. They have quite a bit more gain and a little more headroom than a JJ, which actually suits my style better, but my AC30 can quite easily push them to the brink, and when it does they break up beautifully.

I wanted to wait until I had the chance to use multiple sets before rating them fairly, and I've now used 3 sets each one performing fantastically. In fact, they last so well, that I usually have to remind myself to change them or else I just leave them in until they're gasping for air.

I love these tubes and highly recommend them for any EL84 powered amp, but they work wonders in my AC30.

Bit the Dust


Dropped a matched pair of these in brand new Vox AC10C1. Immediate improvement in sound quality..Really Nice....But, this new Vox amp may be the beast that gets the best of these tubes. After ~6 weeks of playing 60 mins a night it developed a Chime\Ring on the Low A & E open string and on E + A Pwr chords if I pushed em at all. ((Became more prevalent this last week so I dropped stock tubes back in and cranked it up..rattled the windows for about an hour then pulled it back and played another 30 mins specifically trying to recreate hum - not a hint to be heard.)) Got a pair of the TAD EL84 STR due to arrive tomorrow so fingers crossed this tube can "stand the heat" - Love the fast\prompt shipping TheTubeStore provides!!