Kryna Tube Radiators

The vacuum tubes that are used for various tube amplifiers and guitar amps play an important role to amplify musical signals and drive speakers...More Details

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The vacuum tubes are fighting against invisible enemies such as heat and vibration of plates. The heat and vibration that are always generated by tubes hamper music reproduction.

When KRYNA’s TubeRadiator is wrapped around a vacuum tube, it releases the heat accumulated in the tube to the outside. This new type of TubeRadiator is made of bronze containing phosphorus that is excellent in spring characteristics and strength. The corrugated form adheres to vacuum tube and demonstrates high radiating effect. By increasing the radiating effect the temperature of the surface of the vacuum tube decreases, resulting in less thermal noise and a clearer sound.

Lowering the temperature of the vacuum tube's surface also increases the life expectancy of the tube. Test results of measured plate vibration in a tube indicates the effect of controlling low-frequency vibrations related to high-order harmonic and the power supply. Furthermore, bronze containing phosphorus has a characteristic of absorbing electromagnetic wave. Therefore, this tube cooler also plays a role of filtering noise as it prevents the external impact on the tube.

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