Tung-Sol EL34B Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

From our review, "When driven into distortion it starts off a bit crunchy like a 6L6 but as you push it, the sound blooms into that singing EL34 vacuum tube tone with great sustain and modest compression." From the manufacturer: "The Tungsol EL34-B is a higher impedance EL34 tube design with increased touch responsiveness and a unique clipping characteristic with a hint of the 6L6 sound."

The Tung-Sol name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. This new production Tungsol tube is manufactured at their Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia. New Sensor is an American corporation and since taking ownership of this factory has been steadily improving the quality of current production tubes.

If you are curious about how these fare in a hifi stereo amplifier be sure to read the Wall of Sound EL34 tube comparison for details.

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They don't last more than a year.

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Sound good, but they don't last more than a year.

Purchased a matched quad of these and had one red-plate within a month. It was replaced under warranty. Used them for 4-5 months occasionally, then another one red-plated. Replaced with another pair.

That pair lasted almost a year before one red-plated again last night. The amp checks out fine, the tubes that red-plated were in different positions and the amp uses independent bias pots for each tube, so it's not the amp.

Before trying these, I had been using Siemens EL34's which had lasted over 10 years in the same amp. The tubes are biased modestly to dissipate 12W at idle. They appear to develop an issue where the go into thermal runaway after about 100 hours of normal use.

Nice and fat and clear.

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These are really nice tubes. I put them in a Marshall TSL60 head. Full and rich. I would buy them again. I needed tubes that biased hotter and The Tube Store sent them to me. I hope they remain in production.

Almost perfect!


Hey guys. Bought a Black Ice Audio, Fusion F-22, push-pull integrated about 4 months ago. It came with 4 EH
EL34s, 2 Sovtek 12AX7WA, and 2 Svetlana 12AX7s. Swapped the E.H. for these Tung Sols at the amp's 800 Hr mark. The upper midrange glare is gone. From the deep bass that was non-existent, to the extended highs, I now hear and feel all of my music. These T.Sols truly extended the whole frequency range at both ends, plus gave me a meatyier midrange to boot. The only thing the original E.H. EL34s were better at, was soundstaging (swirlies). The enveloping effect sound has when it seems to come at me from the front, sides, and even at times, from the rear of my seating position. To be fair, at 104 Hrs, these T.Sols might open up more with time. We'll see. So far, they are a worthy upgrade for a hi-fi amp. I'm glad I went with these EL34s.Thank you guys at the tube store. The bias on these T.S. valves are holding nice and steady. Good job matching my valves guys. Cheers from N.B.

Really nice.


Pleasantly surprised! Use them in my elekit tu8340
And they produce a nice spatial, bass heavy sound.
If your hifi kit is already bass heavy, maybe not for you. Mid and voices are excellent. Recommended and excellent value for money.

Everlasting tubes! Because they are NOT in my amp :P

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I bought a matched pair of these over a year ago for my Marshall JMP 2204 1976. They sat in there no more than 30 minutes because they sounded quite bad, and yes I know how to bias my amps. No personality, this power tube does not deliver in any way. worst, when you start cranking the master (Preamp a bit past 6) they start to squeal like crazy.

Yesterday I decided to give them a second shot after a year and a half, same conclusion, even worst than what I remembered.

Svetlana's anytime before Tung Sol for me as commonly available tubes. If you can find a source for NOS Winged =C=, go ahead. Another hidden gem are the Groove Tubes EL34M (Mullard copies made exclusively for Groove Tubes, now discontinued)