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Designed to the exacting specifications of the Philips 6CA7 tube, this classic tetrode returns to life in a big bottle design. The Electro Harmonix 6CA7 is built to withstand today's high-gain amps while still retaining the detailed tone and component integrity of the original. The 6CA7-EH A direct replacement, with military reliability, for any EL34.

From our review, "These tubes sound every bit as good as the old EI tubes and are probably my favorite tubes for Hiwatt guitar amplifiers."

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Great alternative to EL34!


I would have to say that the Electro Harmonix 6CA7-EH has more tonal range, and is a nice middle ground between an EL34 and a 6550, in terms of the clarity, and range of the 6550's and a nice early breakup and great crunch of the EL34.

Close on the heels of my RCAs


This will be a short review and more like briefing. That said, this is what I discovered tonight. I have a quad of RCA 6CA7 tubes that are NOS from the early 1960's. I played the RCA tubes tonight for the first time in my Jolida amp. I have used the EH 6CA7 tubes in this amp before so I am very familiar with the sonic character of the tube. Well, I was quite surprised when I listened to the RCA tubes and compared to the EH tubes. I would say that the EH tubes give me about 85% of what the RCA tubes do. No some might not think 85% is a lot, but comparing price and availability of the EH tubes to NOS RCA tubes, that remaining 15% gets smaller. The RCA tubes sound a little richer, more full bodied, and has a touch more "presence" but I had to listen pretty close to get that. As I said, the EH tubes will give you real good idea of what a RCA 6CA7 from 1962 sounds like.
Sorry - I guess this wasn't that short after all.

EL34 on steroids?


I put a pair of these in my 1st generation Traynor Bass - Master and they perform great!
Clean, bold, and where it used to give about 40 watts, the amp's now giving a solid 50W. The plates are big compared with a regular EL34 and they sure look like they can handle more than other EL34 / 6CA7's, but just setting the old Traynor to a pretty comfortable bias point delivered the sound I want.

Fantastic EL34


I used this tubes in 2 different amplifiers with fantastic results. They are very robust tubes and can take a lot of abuse. They sound very detailed and dynamic. This is my preferred EL34 tube. I now use those instead of a Gold Lion KT77

Amazing sound


So I put four balanced 12ax7’s two 6ca7’s and two 6l6gc all from EH in my Bugera 333xl infinium and HOLY CRAP!!! I play mainly hard rock/metal and I’ve never had more crunch and amazing cleans it’s not even the same amp anymore I was able to completely ditch my ts9 boost pedal it doesn’t even come close to needing it. Thank you EH for such awesome tubes.