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The new Electro-Harmonix EL34EH tube is extremely musical, with a sound that is rich, smooth, and highly detailed without being edgy. It is the perfect EL34 for vintage equipment and a sure way to improve the performance of modern equipment. According to the technical journal, Vacuum Tube Valley, the "...new EL34-EH tube comes very close to the sonics of a Mullard EL34..." They go on to say, "The Electro-Harmonix tube is balanced throughout the entire music spectrum. Bass goes deep and is tight, mids are sweet and well defined and highs are detailed and extended."

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Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews

Very Good Value


I'm not a tube expert, as I just got my first Hi-Fi tube amp recently. The amp came with Psvane power tubes and I was curious to hear and compare some other tubes. These tubes are a little brighter/livelier than the Psvanes, but still quite pleasurable to listen to. If my speakers had hot treble, I might not enjoy these tubes. Overall a very nice set of tubes for the money.

Great tubes for Marshall


Used these in a Marshall combo for years that I shouldn't have traded away. Great crunchy sound. Best Value for the money no question

Best bang for the buck


I have been using Electro Harmonix EL34 tubes since they came out and find that the low noise level and great tone they provide is perfect in Mesa Boogie / Marshall amps. They are really functional for overall tone and accidental abuse along the way. The tone is similar to the Mullard style EL34 IMHO, great mids and highs with pretty firm bottom end. Just an overall great tube to try out in any amp...and the price is right too.

Excellent tubes for classic British rock


These tubes allow my modern production amp to achieve the classic Brit rock tones from the 70's and early 80's that I like. I've been able to dial in everything from Jimmy Page to Angus with these. I can get as close to the Def Leppard High n Dry tone as possible without having Mutt Lange producing the outcome. IMO these sound closest to NOS Mullard than any modern tube I've tried.



Just dropped these into my Mesa Royal Atlantic and they sound terrific! The mids are less grainy than the stock Mesa's, the lows thump more and the highs are certainly extended. I backed my treble off 2 points and the tone is thicker and more detailed than it was prior. I love it when you get a win all around!