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The new JJ EL34-II power output vacuum tube is now available. Great classic rock tone for a reasonable price.

From our review of this EL34 tube: "JJ has upped their game with the new EL34-2, and the design change is truly big enough to warrant the use of the new name. I found there to be a really nice top end that is smooth and free from harshness, while still delivering a nice bit of sparkle. At the other end of the spectrum I found the bass to be very firm and clear with no boominess. For guitar use the midrange is where the action is and this tube handles it nicely. I didn’t hear any honking mids."

If you are curious about how these fare in a hifi stereo amplifier be sure to read the Wall of Sound EL34 tube comparison for details.

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Excellent value for money!


This new version of JJ's EL34 is very good, not only in relation to its rather modest price. The tube is very balanced across the whole frequency spectrum, with a general tendency to a slight leanness (which I like). The mids are smooth, and the highs clear, but without sharpness. There is no bottom-end boom or thickening of the lower mids. I use the tube in an audio amplifier, by the way.

I'm surprised! Great tube!


I just wanted a cheap quad of EL34's to use while working on an old Rivera TBR-1SL. And although these are really inexpensive, they don't sound cheap at all. The bottom end is both plump and taught; the mids are clear, present, but not overly rich; high end is clear and clean. All four tubes biased within 1mA of each other!
I'm happy enough with these new tubes that I'm leaving them in! I've only put ten hours in on them so I'll report back in a few months on how they hold up. As for their tone - I'd recommend trying some!

Awesome tubes for the money!


These sound almost as good as my stash of nos tubes from the 70s! For the money, these are excellent replacements for vintage 60s and 70s Marshall amps! How long they live is yet to be determined but they sound really really good and are inexpensive so...

Great Tubes!


Recently had my Amp guy who gets his tubes from the tube store put a set of these EL34 II in my JTM50 Style amp. Originally had the regular JJ EL34s in the amp and only for a few months at that so they were still pretty fresh but he raved about the 2s so wanted to give them a try as wasn't quite fully happy with my sound yet. Well these tubes rock! They tightened up the amp, made it not sound as flat and the bass not a flubby and have better attack with the guitar. So personally I now prefer the II or the regular JJ.

Review:JJ EL34 using MK-301 MK II headphone amp with Focal Elear Headphones.


The MK II JJ’s were supposed to be an improvement over traditional EL34, and they tend to live up to the hype. Lows are good. You hear the bottom end and it’s not boomy. It’s there and will spring forth if called for. Mids are excellent, amazing actually. I switched from another brand EL34 and was astonished at the depth and naturalness of Seals, Kiss from a rose. The best tube for vocals. It was the only tube I wanted to compare against my iFi Pro iCAN in solid state mode. I consider this headphone amplifier my end of the line high end. Well I’ll be damned. The iCAN definitely had more dynamics. However, the voice on the JJ is a winner in vocals. HANDS DOWN. Highs are fine, they compliment the overall sound of the tube. The highs are certainly not dull, they are there and if the song calls for clear cymbals the JJ will accomplish that. There just not as prominent as some of my other tubes, however the depth and openness of the upper octaves makes the music image like no other tube.