RFT ECC83 / 12AX7

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Logos may vary from tube pictured, some are branded RFT and some Tungsram or Tesla, but construction is the same.

RFT is a German brand. The RFT ECC83 / 12AX7 is a durable tube with very low microphonics. The RFT ECC83 is well known as a fantastic hard rock "crunch" tube in Marshalls, Mesa-Boogies, and similar amps. They are slightly darker sounding than many other 12AX7/ECC83 tubes.

Our stock was received in bulk packs so we have packaged these ECC83 tubes in our own white boxes.

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20 reviews

My Review


I got one.

Oh my god!

I put in V1 of my Vintage Modern, and it completely changed the amp. It's smooth and high gain, with tons of tight low end.


awesome tube!


I find nothing dark about them in my tsl100 nos tubes kill the current production stuff if you want your Marshall to scream these are the bomb!

Great tube


The RFT ECC83/12AX7 tube is a bit "under-rated" if you ask me. This tube is dark like a standard JJ, but has an open, full, lovely tone like a good NOS tube would have. This thing is dead quiet for an old tube as well. Cannot go wrong if you have never tried one!

Perfect for JCM800


Perfect tube for my Marshall JCM1C (50th Anniversary) combo amp running a V10 Vintage speaker. The OEM tubes were OK but dull - I did some research and discovered that RFT valves were used back in the 80s for the JCM lineup. Well that research paid off and these are my exclusive tubes for this amp. They are a little dark, but it tames the highs without sounding like they roll off like the JJs. These also seem very durable. I can see these going up in price in years to come.

Work with the Suhr Badger 35 with EL84s Power Tubes


Ended up with all three preamp tubes being these RFT tubes. Mixing not recommended. Much better to go with all your preamp tubes the same when using these. These are quiet, solid, and work perfectly with the RFT power tubes. Really nice stuff. And ... I got a bad one, and the tube store replaced it no problem. nice ...