RFT ECC83 / 12AX7

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Logos may vary from tube pictured, some are branded RFT and some Tungsram or Tesla, but construction is the same.

RFT is a German brand. The RFT ECC83 / 12AX7 is a durable tube with very low microphonics. The RFT ECC83 is well known as a fantastic hard rock "crunch" tube in Marshalls, Mesa-Boogies, and similar amps. They are slightly darker sounding than many other 12AX7/ECC83 tubes.

Our stock was received in bulk packs so we have packaged these ECC83 tubes in our own white boxes.

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19 reviews

love these!


I read some reviews and decided to try these in my Marshall 1959 100 watt slp reissue. I swear I have had just about every current production 12ax7 in this beast and these rft tubes may now stay! I ordered a few and one was bad. The tubes store sent me a replacement immediately! The treble in my poleax can be a bit harsh and untamed and these settle that down and really push the creamy miss forward and bring out the best in this amp that I have heard yet. Definite keepers. There are so many good quality tubes on the market that tube rolling can become a bit of an endless obsession. At one point I was changing tubes more than I was playing. Just buy a trio or at least 1 for your V1 Marshall spot and call it a day. Fantastic sounding tubes for crunch!



Noisy noisy noisy ..... Don't like IT at all !!

NOS RFT 12ax7


I’ve been struggling with my Blackstar Artist 15 for over a year now trying to dial it in. The tone was dull, bright, ragged and lifeless. I tried different speakers and that helped but it still wasn't right. I knew that the amp had “tone” locked away somewhere and I was determined to unleash it. Now I’ve experimented with various NOS tubes in the past with other amps but for some reason I completely forgot about how much they affected the tone, especially in V1. So I started reading reviews of various NOS tubes and had my mind set on a GE Longplate 12ax7 but then I came across reviews of the RFT 12ax7. After reading reviews for 2 weeks, I decided to give one a shot. My Artist 15 came loaded with cheap Chinese Ruby Tubes that got awful reviews. They we described as bright and lifeless which is EXACTLY what I was hearing. So I got the RFT and plopped it into V1 and.....WOW!!!! Unbelievable! I finally got the tone that I had been trying to get from this amp. The difference in tone is very dramatic. The tone is now smooth, rich, musical and to my surprise, very percussive. That one little change transformed this amp into some that can now compete with boutique amps that sell for thousands of dollars. No joke. Can't wait to change out the other tubes now. Will try another RFT 12ax7 and a pair of Winged C 6l6s. This amp gets good reviews with the cheap tubes. Can only imagine what kind of reviews it would get with good tubes!

RFT 12ax7-Blackstar Artist 15


I recently wrote a review about how good an NOS RFT 12ax7 sounded in v1 of my Blackstar Artist 15. Well I decided that I wanted to try a different tube in the PI slot so I bought a new issue Tung Sol 12ax7. This tube is bright with a lot of gain and really didn't like impress me. Well today I decided to swap the v1 and PI. Now I have the RFT in the PI and the Tung Sol in V1. I am completely f*cking blown away! The tone of this amp has been completely UNLEASHED. It sound and FEELS absolutely beautiful. Wow!!!! My tone now very clear, warm, smooth, and percussive. Very musical compared to the stock, out of the box tone. Also impressed with the super tight and clear bottom. Anyone that buys this amp will never experience its full tonal capabilities until they change the tubes!

Way dark... but makes Gretas sing


Excellent tube. I've only tried them in two amps, but I can say that it tames the bejesus out of a Fender Greta with a NOS RCA 12at7 in the power section. I've played around with maybe a half dozen tubes in the preamp section, but this is the only tube I want there. It feels like the amp is alive now, and sounds like a much, much larger amp at a lower volume.
This is a very dark tube I find. It was too dark for my Peavey VK100 especially in V2, but I'm going to try out some new TAD 6L6's and fool around with it again.