RFT ECC83 / 12AX7

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Logos may vary from tube pictured, some are branded RFT and some Tungsram or Tesla, but construction is the same.

RFT is a German brand. The RFT ECC83 / 12AX7 is a durable tube with very low microphonics. The RFT ECC83 is well known as a fantastic hard rock "crunch" tube in Marshalls, Mesa-Boogies, and similar amps. They are slightly darker sounding than many other 12AX7/ECC83 tubes.

Our stock was received in bulk packs so we have packaged these ECC83 tubes in our own white boxes.

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19 reviews

Great for Bassmen (Bassman? Bassmans?...)


This is a great preamp tube for Channel 1 (Bass channel) of my 1978 Fender Bassman 70. I use RFT ECC83's for both V1 and V2 preamp tubes for this channel. For guitar and electric piano on this channel, the RFT's lend a silky smooth clear and balanced tone with a mild midrange emphasis as well as a subtle treble de-emphasis without diminishing the upper mids. They work great with all my pedals on this channel, whether it's overdrive, fuzz, delay, reverb, phaser, whatever. Tube construction appears to be very robust and should last a long time. I've owned them about 1 year now with sporadic use and no problems.

I can't comment on the overdrive character of these tubes as this amp is an ultralinear design that is very difficult to overdrive. They sound great with overdrive and distortion pedals though.

I prefer this tube for the Bass Instrument channel of this amp, but it sounds great in both channels.

A highly recommended tube for this amp.

Great tube for vintage hi-gain Laney's


Used these in V1 for two mid 80's Laney AOR50. Rounded out the sound significantly. Very quiet. Highly recommend.

A really great tube for Marshall goodness


Fantastic sound and gain in many amps, especially Marshall's. Smooth, tight and very full without being boomy. Love them.

Work good in my marshalls


Put these in my 1990 JCM 900 4500 made it much more articulate and detailed to my ears , so I put in my JCM 2000 also now it sounds more Marshall. I tuned up a friends 1998 JCM 900 4100 with JJ pre and JJ 6l6 tubes and rebiased afterwards listening to amp I knew it was better because tubes that came out were original but missing something so I put a RFT in V1 and amp had more detail and articulation to chords.I took head to a party and the friend played a 2019 explorer through a 4x12 cab with G12-75s in it , a group of 5 people were listening as I swapped RFT And JJ from V1 , all 5 agreed how much better the RFT made this 900 sound, so good that I would of felt bad leaving the JJ in there,We play in the same band so I let him have it and he couldn’t be more happier!