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The Genalex Gold Lion E88CC/6922 is a premium grade selected small signal twin-triode that is a suitable replacement for all 6DJ8, ECC88, 6922, E88CC, and 7308 types. This tube features gold plated pins and is manufactured to extremely tight specifications, making it the highest quality current production E88CC/6922 available.

From Wall Of Sound: "This Russian-made tube comes hard on the heels of the Reflector 6H23p-EB. It sounds surprisingly similar in many ways. Generally speaking, the Genalex sounds a little more up-front than the 6H23p-EB. Compared to the 6H23p-EB, the bass of the Genalex is a bit more tuneful and controlled but very slightly less deep. The midrange is good, with nice guitar twang on the aforementioned Golden Heart. Male vocals are nicely present, but the female vocals in the McLachlan and McKennitt tracks are just a smidge less so, compared to the 6H23p-EB. I can’t fault the Genalex – it’s just that the 6H23p-EB is a little bit more, for lack of a better word, atmospheric. I’m really pleased to see, or should I say hear, a new production tube that sounds really good. It is a little pricey, but at least, or maybe I should say at last, there is current production tube that is good enough to be compared with any tube in the 6922/6DJ8 family, new or NOS. Conclusion: A winner. It’s good to see a new production tube that can give the decent NOS some competition."

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8 reviews

Use this in a Rode NTK


I switch this tube off with a 1960's British Mullard. It is quieter than the Mullard and has an equally good sound in the mic. New Sensor is building great Tubes in Saratov. I also have Mullards and Tung-sol's they have built. Good stuff!

Tube got noisy in just three weeks


I replaced my 18-year-old 6922 in my preamp with this Genalex 6922. It worked well and sounded good, but in just three weeks, one channel (which uses half of the tube) got noisy. I put the old tube back in, and the noise was gone. I must say I'm disappointed.

Warm sound, tube failure...


Compared to Amperex 6922, sounds warmer but less detailed... kept them on for a year when left channel started getting noisy due to faulty tube... 4-star for sound, 2-star for tube quality hence the 3-star rating

Detailed, but problematic


A very detailed sounding 6922.... almost too detailed, bordering on bright.

Introduced unacceptable hum into 2 different preamps. Could be just the individual tube I got stuck with. I use Gold Lion KT88s in my power amps, and they are awesome.

Great sound


Wonderful sound in an Aikido line stage. See my review on Wall of sound .ca