JAN-Philips 6922 Low Noise Preamp Vacuum Tube

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This 6922 preamp tube type was rated the "best buy" by Vacuum Tube Valley magazine in their 6DJ8 / 6922 vacuum tube shootout. They cited a better bottom end and "less offensive" high frequencies as two of the reasons for their choice. This is also the same tube which is sold by Richardson's under the Bugle Boy brand name.

This 6922 tubes is specially selected and has to meet our tough standards (less than 50% pass) for low noise levels, which guarantees the best performance for preamplifiers.

Special note for owners of the Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Pre-amp: this tube will not work in this pre-amp. We haven't seen any other pre-amps that experience the same problem (extreme sensitivity to microphonics).

The 6922 / 6DJ8 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC88 / E88CC tube and can be used in any 6922, 6DJ8 or ECC88 circuit.

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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Aesthetix Mimas


so much better than the reflector...huge improvements than the stock tubes, too...now will try the philips sq

Loudness and warmth, it's all here


Came from a matched and balanced set of JJ Gold tubes, one of which went bad after 18 months. Popped these babies in my Budgie preamp and wow, the gain is amazing. Running a high output moving coil Denon DL110 which usually requires adding 20% to the volume knob. With these tubes I literally turn it down a little. They're still breaking in but so far the change is huge and noticeable, to the point where an untrained ear can clearly hear the difference. So far, so great.

Absolutely Great Tube


I purchased these tubes to replace a very disappointed experience with the Reflector Tubes, Jon kindly allowed me to return the Russian NOS and exchange them for these US NOS.
I needed four tubes, Jon sended me two '82s and two '84s all of them matched and tested for low noise.
In a word...WONDERFUL.
Great Bass, very clear Mids and Sweet Detailed Highs.
I was very pleased with the Electro-Harmonix Gold but these little gremlins from the 80's are truly a marvelous piece of hardware.

JAN Philips 6922 Low Nooise


I am using these tubes in a Cary V12 power amplifier. For this amplifier I bought a set with matched triodes. The sound is wonderful throughout the whole audible range. Bass is tight, mid definition is excellent and highs sparkle yet are not irritating. Microphonics- I didn't have a problem for two years and suddenly I did. I found that my PS Audio Noise Harvester had failed. The factory sent me a new replacement and...Audio Bliss returned.

Valhalla 2


Used these in a Valhalla 2 when one of the "Russian Rockets" started to crackle in my right channel. These are indeed very quiet. Not quite as good bass extension but nice transparent highs and an average mid range that doesn't speak well with vocals. Sound stage is noticeably narrower but still good. I think I'll keep listening but I expect I'll end up experimenting with something else. Mine were NOT very musical but very revealing.

If you want a good high end and a very neutral sound try these. I'm giving these 4 stars base on how quiet and analytical they are.