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This 6922 tube type was rated the "best buy" by Vacuum Tube Valley magazine in their 6DJ8 / 6922 tube shootout. They cited a better bottom end and "less offensive" high frequencies as two of the reasons for their choice. This is also the same tube which is sold by Richardson's under the Bugle Boy brand name.

This 6922 tubes is specially selected and has to meet our tough standards (less than 50% pass) for low noise levels, which guarantees the best performance for preamplifiers.

Special note for owners of the Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Pre-amp: this tube will not work in this pre-amp. We haven't seen any other pre-amps that experience the same problem (extreme sensitivity to microphonics).

The 6922 / 6DJ8 tube type is equivalent to the European ECC88 / E88CC tube and can be used in any 6922, 6DJ8 or ECC88 circuit.

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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Great tube, great sound, great value.


This tube replaced the aging Sovtek 6922 in my Counterpoint preamp. It is a quiet tube. With appropriate bias adjustments the distortion level became almost unmeasurable with my spectrum analyzer, but I preferred to set it with just a tiny bit of 2nd harmonic distortion. This is an inexpensive tube with great sound.

Pretty good in SAS preamp


Ordered 2 pair matched triodes. One pair lasted an hour in my preamp before they both failed (go figure) the second pair has been wonderful. Clear detailed without being etched (they need to warm up) good bottom end in fact very good. Nice middle range. A safe bet except you may need to restock due to tube failure.

Not so good


Using Audio research SP-15 preamp, I find this tube very microphonic starting with gain control at only 10 o'clock position.

Tube rolling


Tried this in a Sonic Frontiers Assemblage Signature Preamp L1. Warm strong bass, warm amazing midrange with very good highs. Huge improvement over clean sounding tubes. The L1 and this tube stunned me with its musical sound.

Low noise


They are. Just put them in an ARC SP-9, not broken in yet but I can verify the low noise part. I would buy these again. Delivered FedEx and packed well. First class company. Musical.