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The JJ ECC83-S tube has several improvements in its construction from the old ECC83 version.

From our review of this tube: "This tube sports a different plate design than found in most 12AX7's. When you look at them you can't help but think that they must be rugged and good for the musician on the road. The compact plate structure does nothing to dampen their sound or dynamic response. I find them to be well balanced. While not as harmonically rich as others I tested, they do provide high gain without the usual noise and microphonic problems you would expect. This is great sound for your dollar. If you're using a combo amp and find the Philips a little rich sounding, the JJ ECC83 / 12AX7 may be your solution."

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Don't let the low price fool ya


This is the pre-amp tube that came with a '58 Champ kit that I built and I figured it was included with the kit because it is economical. I was so very wrong. After testing a myriad of tube combinations I have found that for that amp, this little inexpensive pre-amp is head and shoulders over anything else. Different brand tubes sound different in different amps. JJ long plate gold pin sucks in this amp but is tops for V1 in a much modded BJIII I have. Genalex Gold Lion golds are great phase inverter tubes but suck in the Champ. After one spends a small fortune on tubes they learn the secret to the magic mojo for each different amp. Electronically speaking, capacitance in the filter stage have a huge effect on the performance, tone, etc. of pre-amp tubes and coupling caps effect the output tubes. Tubes are just one part of the recipe.

Good saturation, but noisy.


They add more saturation to my Plexi clone,which I like, but they are noisy when the Master is turned up.

Opera Consonance cyber 100 15years aniversary


This tube came with the amplifier, from the fabric.
It is a good sounding HiFi tube. A little laid back,
in the highs, but still liquid and clear. Midd, and low end, is accurate and nice sounding.
It can not compete with my NOS tubes, but having
this low price, it is a good buy.

Best for the price


Excellent tube for some applications
Kind of bright side but harmonycally rich.

Many thanks Jon , awesome service

применял в hi-fi


Эта лампа была в усилителе,когда я его купил в сочетание с китайским 12аu7,что давало довольно гармоничный звук.Теплая,густая и приятная,гладкая,басовитая лампа.Конечно размер сцены и локализация инструментов не эталон,но так сказать,имеет изюминку,особенно в сочетании с чем-то ярким и динамичным.Для скромной цены очень хорошо!!
This lamp was in the amplifier when I bought it in combination with the Chinese 12au7, which gave a rather harmonious sound. A warm, dense and pleasant, smooth, bassovaya lamp. Of course the size of the scene and the location of the instruments is not a standard, but so to say, has a highlight, especially in combination with something bright and dynamic. For a modest price very good !!