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The JJ ECC83-S tube has several improvements in its construction from the old ECC83 version.

From our review of this tube: "This tube sports a different plate design than found in most 12AX7's. When you look at them you can't help but think that they must be rugged and good for the musician on the road. The compact plate structure does nothing to dampen their sound or dynamic response. I find them to be well balanced. While not as harmonically rich as others I tested, they do provide high gain without the usual noise and microphonic problems you would expect. This is great sound for your dollar. If you're using a combo amp and find the Philips a little rich sounding, the JJ ECC83 / 12AX7 may be your solution."

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Nothing like a 5751


Wow, I have a Behringer Tube Monster pedal- and it came with one of these ECC 83-S tubes- it had very low output, and was fizzy sounding. I replaced with a NOS GE 5751 black triple mica, and that made an immense improvement. I got more volume, yet less fizzy overdrive. (I have 5751's in nearly every tube application I have to great success). I don't know about other applications, but for me, this is just a cheap, low output pedal with not such great tone. -NS, 40 years experience

I understand why JJs are so commonly used.


I really like these. They are pretty balanced and they reek of gain. There is so much fuzz that hair is coming out of my amps - love it. Also, they are cheap as dirt. I have a problem understanding negative reviews, as you have to mix and match to get what you want. You cant just buy 3, say, JJ ECC83-S and expect to get the tone you are after. You have to know what you want, and it helps to research and ask around. And you will most likely end up experimenting with different tubes. Just don't complain about not getting what you want by just buying 3 preamp tubes of the same kind. That sound you are getting with 3 of these will certainly produce the sound someone wants. It is your job to find out if you want that sound; not the tubes magically adapting to your wishes.

Depends on what you're looking for....


I put a pair of these into my Vox AC4C1-12 and noticed right away that I lost about 30 percent of my preamp overdrive gain and some of the detail in the upper frequencies. They did not sound bad, but they altered the character of my amp in a way that I did not find useful. Nevertheless, I will give them a decent rating because they did in fact sound pretty good, just not the sound I was looking for.

Use it properly


This extra short plate 12AX7 works better if you use it in the V1 ... My Friedman PT-20 came with this one in V1 and normal short plates in V2 and V3 ... I replaced the ones in V1 and V2 with 2 EH and kept this extra short JJ in V1 ... now I'm wondering if other manufacturers make similar extra short 12AX7s?

Worth Having in your Collection


These are a good experimental tube. You won't know if you like them until you try them. Generally they are nice in the V1 position, but too fizzy in second and third gain stages. I also prefer a more expensive 3D sounding tube in the Phase inverter position than these. I put these in all positions in my 20 watt Krank Rev Jr., and smiled. That's the sound the amp was designed for. Kind of a dark scooped mids heavy metal over the top thing. You will need to trim off a bit of high end for recording to shape off the fizz, but great for chugging with heavy metal humbuckers and compression pedal. They didn't seem any more noisy than a 12AX7-A, but they have they're own character. To sum up, these are not a generic tone.