Tung-Sol KT120 Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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The Tung-Sol KT120 vacuum tube is a powerful and versatile tube option, particularly if you desire a dynamic and impactful sound with a strong bass foundation. The size of the Tungsol KT-120 tube is substantially more than its KT88 cousin. The seated height is approximately 4.5" (113mm). The width is 2" (52mm). While often compatible with KT88 amplifiers, you should check with your amplifier's manufacturer before trying these.


New Sensor now announces the Tung-Sol KT120, which has a plate dissipation of 60 watts, making it the most powerful tube in the 6550/KT88/KT90 tube family. A pair of these tubes in push-pull configuration can deliver power levels of 150 or more watts. When used at the parameters found in existing 6550/KT88/KT90 circuits, the Tung-Sol KT120 is impervious to overload, delivering peak power with extreme reliability and long tube life. However, taking advantage of the higher current handling capacity of these tubes, a very unique and super powerful and stable amp can be designed using the Tung-Sol KT-120.

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Tung-Sol KT120 | Ultimate Package for Rogue Cronus

by -

Got the Ultimate package upgrade with Tung-Sol TS-KT120 vacuum tubes for my Rogue Cronus. Sometimes you make a change to the system and you “believe” in the cost to result equation.

This is so much more. A few weeks in and the music is just so much more. It’s expansive and warm. The soundstage feels - deeper? More defined. Bass feels more live. My Quad ESLs are living their best life. Colours to my ears for sure.

Tung-Sol KT120 | Conrad-Johnson KT120 Step Up.


This TS-KT120 tube provides great headroom. Full, even spectrum, spread-out tone.
A perfect match. Thank you for the tube matching.

Tung-Sol KT120 | Keeps on ticking

by -

As an update to my original review, its now 2019 and my kt120 tubes are still making music in my PrimaLuna

Tung-Sol KT120 | Top to bottom sweet!


Running 8 of these in my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP amplifier. Have tried EL34's, 6CA7's, KT88's, from various manufacturers-new production.The KT120's absolutely crushes them all. Bass, Midrange, Top End all blend together to make music sound accurate, powerful, musical, natural, the way it should. Not cheap, but if you have a quality system you will hear an upgrade and smile at what they provide. Using the Preferred Series 5AR4 rectifier tubes in my PL dialogue Premium preamp. What a match,great synergy. Highly recommended for those who listen & like to hear what the recording has too offer. Get 'em!

The best


Great product, service and advice. I appreciate your follow-up before completing order. Amazing one day delivery from Canada to New Jersey. My Cronus sings again.