Tung-Sol 6550 Reissue Power Vacuum Tube (Matched)

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Need matched power tubes? Don't worry! Price includes matching in any quantity you need for no extra charge. Need a matched pair? Just order "2" tubes. For a matched quad order "4" tubes. Matched sextets and octets are available as well.

Tonally, the Tung-Sol 6550 vacuum power tube has a smooth, extended high end, slightly warm midrange with great imaging, and a tight bottom end.

The Tungsol 6550 power tube has been closely constructed to the original specifications of the triple getter, 3-hole plate version. The build quality is top notch and the price is great, making them an excellent alternative to expensive NOS tubes.

The Tung-Sol name and trademark have been acquired by the New Sensor Corporation. This new production Tungsol tube is manufactured at their Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia. New Sensor is an American corporation and since taking ownership of this factory has been steadily improving the quality of current production tubes.

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Nice warm balanced sound


I like these tubes. I have little experience with my new Cayin a-88T amp and 6550's although I have compared it to my solid state Perreaux and other tube amp. With the Cayin, it has top end NOS RCA pre-amp/driver tubes and the sound is quite bassy, and lack bit of sparkle but also retain good control of the top end octaves. Vocals are quite nice and overall the tube has a nice warm presentation and the bassiness was remedied quite easily with the on board speaker crossover gains for a quite nice comfortable sound. Although I also Iike detail - I prefer to listen to my vinyl warmer and longer than 30 minutes and I am sticking with the Tung-Sols and keeping my money.

NOT up to par with NOS 6550


I've A/B'd these several times with NOS Tung-Sol 6550s and RCA-branded Tung-Sol 6550s (tests were blinded with the help of a buddy) and they do NOT sound the same as the NOS tubes as another review claims. The reissues are slightly darker sounding and lack some of the detail and high-end sparkle heard with the originals. The amp used was a 70s Traynor yba-1. I much preferred the clarity and evenness of the sound from winged -C- 6550s, though they don't quite capture the warmth of the NOS Tung-Sol 6550s. These aren't bad tubes, but I found the winged -C- to be less muddy and preferred them overall to the current production Tung-Sol tubes. I rate them a 3.5, the winged -C- would be a 4.5, and the NOS Tung-Sol get a rating of 5 as they are the best I've heard so far.

Tung Sol 6550 Re-Issue in bass guitar amp


These sound great in my bass guitar rig! They are loud and very full sounding with excellent bottom end response. My only complaint is reliability. One tube lost its vacuum and died after about a month in the amp. Another failed within the first year. I like the sound of these tubes and the price is good.

Nice Transparent Tube


I bought these to use in ARC Ref 300amps but I ended up having return the amps. I used them currently in a pair of McIntosh MC2301 monoblocks over the stock KT88s. I ended up preferring them as they were essentially more transparent and I liked the tighter bass. The stock KT88s had similar tonality and little more bottom end (but not as tight) and little bigger picture but were "darker", I ultimately preferred the reissue Genalex Gold Lions (Soft) which had the best of both worlds, bigger sound-stage, transparent and nice deep and tight bass. I think the Tungsol 6550s will be great in amps designed for these tubes.

No depth


TRUE, no depth, boring sound