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From our review: The TAD 6V6GT-STR tube has all the classic tone you want, plenty of gain and very little noise at all. It will handle the abuse that currently can only be handled by the JJ 6V6-S. Traditionalists don’t seem to trust the JJ because of its unique construction and think of it as something between a 6V6 and 6L6. They have been my favorites because you can punish them and they take it. With the TAD 6V6GT-STR tube there is now another option that gives me that same feeling of security.

A heavy duty 6V6 tube, that handles higher plate current.
This 6V6GT tube works great in Deluxe Reverb Amps. Sweet tone with silky highs.

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9 reviews

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The TAD 6V6GT tubes paired with the JJ 5Y3S rectifier tube are very nice in my two small tweedy Class A amps - I'd previously only used those amps with GZ34s (and very robust 6V6s!), and while they sounded good before, they're now definitely less stiff and a little warmer at lower volume, and have more (and again I think a little warmer) distortion with the gain cranked. Less headroom of course, but fine for recording and small jams :-)

Thanks for the great service - much appreciated!



This is usually the only set of 6V6 tubes that I will use in my shop. I find them consistent and clear. The tone of the amp seems to take on a more precise production of notes. This is particularly good for pedalboard players, as these seem to react positively with most pedals.

Wicked Tubes


First point of business has to be the speed of delivery and careful packaging done by the Tube Store, awesome.
Purchased a matched set of TAD 6V6GT-STR and a single Tung-Sol 12AX7 to replace the factory tubes in a Fender Super Champ X2.
The change in tone was very amazing. It turned what had been a very boxy and tinny sounding amp into a tone machine. Deeper and richer on both lows and highs, better defined notes with clarity I hadn’t noticed before. These are definitely good tubes for Fender amps.
This little amp isn’t a ‘65 Princeton, but it is a lot closer now.



I needed a 6V6 that could handle higher plate voltages to replace the JJ 6V6 tubes I had. The Tube Store recommended the TAD 6V6GT-STR. These tubes sound fantastic! I much prefer the tone and feel from these vs. the JJ tubes. Outstanding clarity and warmth!

Great choice for DRRI


I have been alternating between TADs and JJ6v6s for some time now with my DRRI. I'm back to TADs, and have to say the harmonic content, definition, balance - the overall quality of tone is great. In conjunction with the power tubes, I also replaced the PI with a NOS JAN Philips 12AT7WC and V1+2 with the Svetlana 12AX7. The magic is back!