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This is the new 6V6GT tube from Electro Harmonix. It now uses the same round internal stem as the Tung-Sol 6V6GT. The old stem used in the 6V6GT EH was a flat stem. This new stem is considered an improvement in mechanical durability. The wires that connect the tube elements to the base are father apart from each other in the round stem making arcing less likely to occur between the wires.

From our review of this 6V6 tube: "The EH 6V6 tube can take high plate voltages while producing sweet, singing sustain or all out crunch. Physically it bears a close resemblance to the old RCA 6V6 tube with a rounded, oval plate structure, straight glass and rugged support spacers. This tube is OEM in most currently produced amplifiers that require a 6V6 tube. This is the current industry standard with a well earned reputation for great tone and long life at a very affordable price."

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Don't Believe Everything You Read


When used in a Push-Pull application, these tubes offer a very rich tone, with bar-none low-end response and compression. Ze tone of this tube is far more rich, in direct comparison with Tung-Sol's 6V6GT, despite identical plate structure.

I highly recommend these tubes in respect for their eclectic 6V6 GTA construction, while delivering the bass of a JJ Beam Pentode.

Fantastic Durability


I've been inspired to write a review of the Electro Harmonix 6V6GT after recent experience with a pair I bought last year. I use them in my amplifier building projects. I've built Deluxe Reverb and 6G3 "Brown" Deluxe clones in the past few months as well as some experimental, goofing around chassis. My pair of these EH tubes have been dropped on the floor, run at over 500 volts and they have been red - plated 4 times. Twice when I was running them over 500 volts and twice when I forgot to connect the bias circuit to ground in my project amps. I just finished the 6G3 today and when I checked the bias on these tubes, they are still within 1 mA of each other : 27.5 - 27.0 mA respectively, and there are no noise problems at all. I found that to be pretty amazing and worth a recommendation. The sound is very respectable, typical 6V6GT- "Open" and "Airy" sounding but not glassy or brittle as 6L6GC tubes can become. I like the JJ's too but they are really a 7591 tube. If you want an honest replacement for your RCA or HYTRON 6V6GT or 6V6GTY, I can't recommend the Electro Harmonix highly enough.

Solid Choice.


I like the sound of these, and the certainly hold up well. Price is nice too...... No complaints.

Vintage Sound


These are one of the best sounding 6v6 tubes in the market. Tried NOS RCA, Raytheon NOS in a Gibson GA-5 amp and the EH 6V6 was the most dynamic sounding, good bass (clear and open, big sounding from a 8" speaker), creamy Highs, and a Mid range that only good eq amps will give you. The only Tube NOS that was close to this was the Brimar 6V6. Thanks Tube Store for your great service.

Hold their own


I didn't buy these here, but they came in an National model 75 tweed '49 amp that was just recapped. I have RCA 6V6GTs/JANs and paid $100 for them. I kept going back and forth and really couldn't tell the difference. How is that possible...lol. Because they are NOS I wanted them to take it up to the next level like my RCA 7025s in my other amp. I even ordered another NOS set but earlier today I left the EH 6V6gts in there by the late afternoon after hours of playing. They have a great low end, not boomy, responsivness and open clarity. Feel confident if you have to buy these. I'm a NOS snob now a days in my amps but these held their own.