Shuguang EL34-B

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The Chinese (Sino) made Shuguang EL34-B tube is sold by Ruby Tubes as their EL34B-STR and was much loved by our reviewer. From our review of this EL34 tube: "The sound is loud and clear with a very nice sonic range. Not excessive in tops, mids, or bass, they are accurately described as well balanced. The sample tested had no audible microphonics and an average background noise level. Harmonic content was rich, lending that pleasant swirl and sustain that guitar players crave."

Note: Occasionally Shuguang sends tubes that are not printed with logos and part numbers. However, all are the same construction.

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Marshall Power Amp...


If you have a Marshall Monoblock 9005, these are the tubes to have. I have used JJ, Mullards,EH and Sovtek. Sonically with the 12AX7B these tubes are night and day over others. EH 6CA7 comes a close second. These bring these Power Amps to life. Solid bottom end, clear midrange and a nice top end. For metal its almost like having a tight boost with a bit of compression pushing your pre amp. I love these tubes ,No issues with reliability after a year of hard use...There is a considerable sonic difference...

Great tube Great pice


I bought two matched quads for my Landry LS100G3, these are the tubes the builder Bill Landry uses for his amps. 2 1/2 years on the first quad with no issues, and they sound great. I am not a touring musician and probably only average 2-3 hours per week on on my amp, but I do play out occasionally and haul my amp to practices and play outdoor, back yard parties etc and these tubes have been reliable.

Shuguang EL34-B Excellence !


Hi Folks...I'm a 50 year + experienced, relentless audiophile that has never allowed any of the "so called amazing sonic revelations introduced to lure young audiophile newbies with Outlandish marketing strategies. SAD! My extensive years of experience in the Real world of reproducing music, AND NOT JUST trying to emulate music with all of the evolving crap that has flooded our market. Conclusion: DIGITAL= ONLY SOUND ANALOG=TOTAL HONESTY TO THE ACTUAL MUSICAL PERFORMANCE....More years and the countless thousands of hours perfecting my reference all tube, analog (vinyl) playback system...Hundreds of tube changes and evaluations in my power amp......SURPRISE TO ALL.....The new SHUGUANG EL34 B tubes win out hands down as the best musical sonic performer out of ALL others. OH...Evidence Defeats Doubt .......Fellow audiophiles agree, as well....blown away how awesome my system sounds with them.