Shuguang EL34-B

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The Chinese (Sino) made Shuguang EL34-B tube is sold by Ruby Tubes as their EL34B-STR and was much loved by our reviewer. From our review of this EL34 tube: "The sound is loud and clear with a very nice sonic range. Not excessive in tops, mids, or bass, they are accurately described as well balanced. The sample tested had no audible microphonics and an average background noise level. Harmonic content was rich, lending that pleasant swirl and sustain that guitar players crave."

Note: Occasionally Shuguang sends tubes that are not printed with logos and part numbers. However, all are the same construction.

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Another Great EL-34 Tube..


To my ears, this tube has the sound and feel of EL34 tubes from an earlier era. Like the Tungsol EL34B, it's tone is authentic 'EL34' sounding. While it's low end response is not 'quite' as strong as the Tung-Sol EL34B, it's more then adequate, and decently balanced. It also represents a great value. For the money, you simply cannot buy a better sounding tube.. I love these tubes!

Maybe i shouldn't be so shocked.....


After I blew a Mullard reissue in my amp I had a few of these kicking around and decided to try them out. Originally, these tubes came stock in a hifi amp i bought off ebay. As far as I'm concerned, they should have come stock in my guitar amp. Smooth and balanced. Balanced seems to be the key to these tubes. Great response across the amps freq. spectrum. Almost like running a mild compression pedal out front. I'm running a Marshall 1987x clone from Ceriatone (68 schematic) and these tubes fit this amp pretty darn well. If there was ever a good reason for blowing a tube, this might be it!

Marshall 9005 Monoblock Shuguang EL34-B


I have used all the popular brands of tubes over the years, some seem to sound better in specific amps. The Marshall 9005 Monoblock Power Amp originally came with Sovtek EL34G tubes. These Amps were noted to have bias supply problems. Biased hot at 47ma as well. Once sorted these Amps are Ultra Reliable and will run 4 4/12 cabinets. I recently tried a set of Shuguang EL34B tubes and I would have to say sonicly it now sounds better than my later gold face 50/50 monoblock. Sounds like it has a boost pedal in front of it. Cleans are amazing and is a gain monster. Amp used to have a pronounced amount of hum with and is now almost dead silent. Wished I had tried these tubes a lot sooner.

Good all around EL34


Warm, chimey tone and tons of midrange heaviness that I love. I would buy these again and for the price they are great. JCM 2000 DSL 100. They also sound killer in a Bugera 333XL. I much prefer these over any 6L6. I think these are more bright sounding than JJ EL34 which I don't care for dark sounding anything so these were awesome.

Awesome Value


These tubes are awesome. I've been switching tubes on my Musical Paradise MP-301 to see which are the best, and these might be it. Sound as good as my Fender 6L6, a little bit rounder and less clean. It sounds better than the Electro-Harmonix Electro-Harmonix 6CA7 (alternative EL-34 tube), which has more highs, but they are thin and make this tube ultimately sound better and sweeter to the ear. The Shuguang KT88-98 sounds about the same as this but doesn't distort when you turn it up, I actually prefer the distortion of the EL34 though.