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The Preferred Series 7025 is a high quality 12AX7 tube type. This tube is a reproduction of the highly regarded and sought after Mullards from the 1960s.

This 7025 is a high quality and very rugged custom 12AX7 tube produced for us in China by the Shuguang factory. The plates are manufactured out of a premium metal imported from Germany and supported with extra thick mica spacers to insure against microphonics. They are burned in and tested at the factory and then again on our digital high voltage equipment to make sure the tubes selected for you will provide outstanding tone and performance.

From our review: "A great sounding 12AX7 tube type that reminds me a little more of the ECC83 that Ei made in the old days. That's a pretty nice compliment. I compared this tube against an old Ei and Telefunken smooth plate and there was very little difference. Lots of gain with a rather low noise floor. No microphonics issues at all. Very good considering the large plate size. Spot welding may be better for microphonics than crimped plates. I tried it in all the standard guitar amp duties and it was fine. Fabulous in Blackface Fender amps. We tried this 7025 in a 66 Vibrolux reverb 2x10 combo and the tones were all there. Light and shimmering or really aggressive, it's all good."

Warranty: The Preferred Series 7025 tubes carry a 6 month extended warranty.

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Warranty Information and Return Policy

Warranty Period: 6 months

All our Preferred Series tubes are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase. (Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab)

If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following:

- contact us to get a return authorization
- return it via regular mail within 6 months from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

Returns not related to warranty or defect will be considered at our discretion, and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 6 months, or are returned improperly.

These guidelines may be updated without notice.

phase inverter-matched


Popped this into the phase inverter of my Egnater Tweaker 15. I used to leave my bright switch on, but now it's too bright with it on. Which is nice because I really have more frequency to work with. Clear and open. Really made a huge difference. There is no hype here, it's the real deal. No regrets.

My Review


I received the order on time and have to say that your Preferred Series
tubes are great! I bought an Egnater Tweaker 15w half stack that
sounded good right out of the box and retubed it just so the amp would
reach its full potential. I am especially pleased with the low noise
level. Worth every penny.

Great in Vox


Put one of these in the pre-amp section of my Vox Tonelab SE FX processor. Sounds the nuts, best it's ever sounded. Put that in front of my Vox Tube amp and it's quite a combo. Going to replace my amp tubes soon and am considering these for the pre-amp/Phase inverter section 12ax7 and the JJ EL84 Teslas for the Power Amp section.

Great Tube in Aesthetix Audio Preamp


Rolled out the stock tubes in my Aesthetix Rhea Sig Preamp with positive results. Much better than expected. Lower noise and more transparency across all frequencies. So far, I notice most improvement in the high and bass. The highs have more air and soundstage is deeper due to the transparency gains. The lower registers simply have more clarity.. I can more clearly hear the rolling bass lines and reverb / air plus there has been some gain in dynamics and punch.

Very quiet. Highly recommended. I am going to get another set and roll out the cheap Chinese 12AX7's in my Marshall JVM 415 amp. Will let you know.

Replacement in Ibanez TK999HT


I purchased an Ibanez TK999HT tube distortion pedal because I am into tubes. Upon opening and using the pedal it was very noisy and the distortion was harsh and not harmonic as I expected. Upon loving the “Preferred Series” in my Vintage Amps and rebuilds, I decided to try the Preferred Series in the Ibanez just to see if there was any difference. WOW to my surprise the elevated noise was gone and the distortion was smooth and very harmonic. I was and still very blown away. I do not say this lightly since most times a tube change is different and possibly just a better match for a particular amp circuit. If you have this pedal or plan on getting one get this tube!!!!!!!