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The JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 tube is another affordable replacement rectifier tube for both guitar and hi-fi tube amplifiers.

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Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews

Long lasting tube that performs very well.


The first one of these I installed was clear back in April 2012. I keep a record of most repairs I do on the Dynaco. It lasted, I estimate, about 8000 hours. When I got this one I also got a spare. That spare is just fine to this day in December 2018. Long lasting tube that performs very well.

Not recommended GZ34


Waste of money. Bought two for my Dynaco ST70 and gone lessl than a month.

The Most Musical Current Production GZ34; Just Replace It On A Schedule


Given how affordable these JJs GZ34 are, I just keep some on hand and replace them every 6-9 months. Not that I've had a problem, but as online comments show, some people have and a few I know personally. The reason I accept preventative replacement is that the GZ34 gives many amps requiring it a tight-sphincter sound that detracts from musicality. This JJ is easily the most elastic-sounding of the current production GZ34s. I use it in both guitar and hifi amps, where even a NOS Mullard sounds too Calvinist.

I have some hifi amps that are spec'd for GZ34 but have sufficiently relaxed B+ voltages to allow use of other rectifier types, where often a NOS 5V4 sounds exceedingly natural and musical. In those amps, if I run a JJ GZ34, the sound is more in the direction of the more elastic 5V4 than any other new production GZ.

At just 18 bucks you can cash in soda cans and whiskey bottles to keep yourself in rectifiers.