JJ EL844 (low power EL84)

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JJ Electronic has introduced an EL84 tube with a twist! The new JJ EL844 tube provides about 25% less headroom than a traditional EL84, but can be used in any EL84 tube amp without modification to the amp. If you need less headroom for your bedroom amp consider the EL844 tube.

From our review: "The EL844 does exactly what the manufacturer claims. You get all the tone of an EL84 with less volume overall. The difference doesn’t end there. Because the tube has less power to give, you end up with very nice distortion at lower volumes. I ran the Pro Jr. up to a point just at the start of audible breakup. With EL84's, the Fender Pro Jr. was loud and punchy. Switch to the EL844's and cool stuff starts to happen. At the same settings the distortion was now very nice. The EL844 adds a bit of compression so the distortion was smoother and more focused. These tubes have excellent response to pick attack. With a lighter touch you can get sparkling shimmer, dig in with the pick and you can push the tubes into overdrive."

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16 reviews

Did The Trick


I've owned a Fender Pro Jr. for many years, but never used it as a practice amp because it was loud as hell, and if I want to use a loud amp, I have much better amps than the Pro Jr. But sure enough, I swapped in a pair of matched EL844 tubes and now it is a practice amp. The above review from the tube store is dead on accurate. You will loose the clean punch but gain the crispy crunch. Headroom seems to be reduced by more than 25%, so if you are worried about losing volume, stick with the EL84s you have. But now I can dime the amp and it is definitely suitable for bedrooms and preserving the old ears. Add a low gain overdrive or boost or fuzz and it sings for days. I'm satisfied.

Perfect solution


Put these in my handwired AC30, sound amazing, work as described. IMO it brought out the Vox “chime” to a more noticeable level. I feel the volume reduction is subtle but definitely there. I’ll be using these for now on.

Does not work with Traynor YGM-3 reissues!


I can confirm that these tubes do not work in a Traynor YGM-3. If you have this amp and are looking to cut the volume, these tubes will not help as it results in a crackle type distortion.

JJ's are usually great, just didn't match this amp.

Vox AC30 TBX


I ordered these as a last attempt for my Korg era Vox AC30 tbx. Really surprised at the difference. I got all my top end sparkle and chime back. Breaks up nicely around 4 instead of 6 or 7 which anyone who has owned one these amps understands how loud that is. Would highly recommend.

Seconding the Night Train recommendation.


As R. Drake says above (or below, depending), these tubes helped turn my love/hate relationship with my Vox Night Train firmly only the love side, especially considering the price of a Night Train!