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A premium quality ECC803 tube that replaces any 12AX7 / ECC83 tube type. The JJ ECC803-S is a warm, full sounding tube, with high-gain. It's great sounding in hifi amps and guitar amps (guitar players see note below).

Note: Because this tube has a long plate structure it is susceptible to excessive microphonics and is therefore not recommended for use in combo amps or high gain stages. For these amps the JJ ECC83-S is a better choice.

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Nice, clear bassy sound


I bought this and the Shuguang 12AX7-A for a Valvestate VS100. I ran them both through clean channel with a Russian Big Muff. I instantly felt I had the bassy fuzz that I wanted.
After a few days I tried the Shuguang and I was not quite as impressed. I ran it the same way, but there was something off, and it was all very muddy and distorted, in a bad way.
So, I changed back to the JJ one day after having played a bit with the Shuguang, and I didn't change/turn anything in terms of knobs, and so I really heard that big difference.

Now, the distortion through the JJ through the Valvestate alone is good as well. Though, the same can be said for the Shuguang, probably.  I recommend this for a Valvestate VS100.

You wanna blow your nutsack off?


I keep coming back to this tube. I use it in V2 in my Valveking II 100 head and the gain on this thing is so fuzzy that my palms are starting to grow hair.

Aye, 'tis smooth as a cuddly, rabid bunny rabbit hopped up on crack and steroids.

Kevin london ont


installed a pair of these in my Yaqin mc100b stero intergrated amp
very detailed sweet highs and deep controlled lows

Too much crosstalk


These tubes exhibit way too much crosstalk between sections for me to use in my Fender amps. Any signal being amplified by the first-stage will be heard in the second-stage output, rendering the volume control of little use below about 2 or 3. Above that setting, the second-stage gain will dominate, but phasing occurs at low settings, and there will still be sound with the volume control entirely off. Other than that, the tone is very nice, but these tubes just won't work in high-gain circuits.

great for blues and marshall 1959slp


I tried Shuguang in my 1959SLP it was alright for the gain but it was a bit shrill and empty ...with the JJ ECC83S short plate I had gain also and still trebley on the edge....THIS ECC803S long plate gave my amp a well balanced, less gainy tone...with more headroom but still dynamic.....it works super good for OD pedals with the 1959....normally the OD pedals tend to be harsh a bit but try this tube great for that Hendrix and Stevie Ray bell tone ...your SLP will be clean as a twin but what a tone.