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This JJ 6L6-GC tube is a high quality option for both guitar and home audio tube amplifiers.

From our review: "Big, open, articulate; these are the words that came into my head when listening to the JJ tubes. The tubes have great tone and nicely capture the "6L6 sound", characterized by sparkling highs, warm mids, and controlled bass response."

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I put these in a Fender Eric Clapton Twinolux. I was amazed because I had thought the amp sounded good already, but it was only a pale comparison of what it is now. Tone really came to life. It's bigger and more open. People come up and compliment me on the sound. These guys know their tubes.

sweet gut punch


Installed a quad of these in my Egnater Vengeance. Biased them in and enjoyed! Punchy, clear cleans, awesome driven tones...powerful when you crank it up!!

No complaints at all


I'd say I'm happy. They deliver whatever you put in the preamp slots, and well at that. Taken them out and put them in a few times as well, without problems with the pins or anything.I also have to say that TheTubeStore has supreme customer service and are extremely helpful and accommodating.Deliveries are super fast when first sent out. Just fantastic all in all.

Fender Clapton Twinolux


Hey, for my sound (clean chords/dirt with OD), I asked for the cleanest tubes they had for use with the Twinolux. I was all set to buy a different set, but on speaking with the Tube Store, these were recommended - and they were cheaper. Even though the manual says they don't need biasing, you will be happier if you spend the money to have it done. These tubes cream the Fender Groove Tubes the amp came with and I also tried recently the 6L6WGS which broke up WAY too early for me even when biased cold. These tubes have fullness and great tone, and when biased properly breathe wonderfully. Overtones are smooth, they have big bottom end response without getting flabby and that is at stage volume. Even at home practice low levels their tone is far superior to the 6L6WGS.

Thick and solid with deep and powerful bass


I have Audioromy 838 with 845 tubes driven by 6n23p and 12au7. I modified the circuit with 12AX7 and EL84 with 6L6GC as cathode follower works together to swing more than 200Vpp and 22mA current to fire the 845 grid.

After modification, the sound much better and I was using all EH tubes. The top is a bit sharp and the low is not deep. The mid are okay.

I read many review about JJ and today I replace the EL84 and 6L6GC from EH to JJ.

WOW! That is only I can say after I turn on the amplifier and play my favorite music.

The sound is totally different. It is very thick and alive. Powerful and deep bass. Clear top but not edges and not sharp.

When I push them hard, they really sing!

I extremely happy with JJ.