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From our reviews ... "At low to moderate volumes you get a big open sound across the guitar spectrum. Very articulate with little compression, excellent touch response and dynamics."

The Gold Lion KT66 tube is a reissue tube that is made in Russia. From the manufacturer, "Exact copy of the original clear glass KT66. The tube that created "The Bluesbreaker Tone". Used in 50's - 60's hi-fi favorites such as the Heathkit W-5M and many Leak amplifiers."

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8 reviews

Ceriatone JTM45


Just got my Genalex KT66 matched pair. Did a quick bias to get in the ballpark, then left the amp running for an hour to stabilize. When I cam back and rebiased I found the tubes measured exactly the same. Exactly. Never had a set of tubes so perfectly matched.Plugged in and found the amp sounding rounder, fuller and smoother than with the JJs I was replacing. It may be my imagination, but amp just seemed more powerful. I'll really know for sure on this weekends gigs, but so far I'm impressed.

JTM45/100 Clone


I replaced a quad of JJ's that were getting old with these. They sound absolutely incredible in a Marshall-style circuit. Huge low end with 3D mids that you really have to experience in person. A bit pricier than some other KT66's but well worth it!

Genalex KT66 Reissue Not Worth the Money


Ran 8 of these Genalex KT66's in new Mono Block amps. Burned in for 120 hours. Sound was decent, but not as precise as vintage Made in England tubes. After cool down..I saw that the glass envelope has spider web cracks in it. It is now garbage. No obvious reason for this that I can see. I would not buy these tubes again.