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From our reviews ... "At low to moderate volumes you get a big open sound across the guitar spectrum. Very articulate with little compression, excellent touch response and dynamics."

The Gold Lion KT66 tube is a reissue tube that is made in Russia. From the manufacturer, "Exact copy of the original clear glass KT66. The tube that created "The Bluesbreaker Tone". Used in 50's - 60's hi-fi favorites such as the Heathkit W-5M and many Leak amplifiers."

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10 reviews

Simply The Best


I have tried over a dozen different new production and NOS KT66 tubes for my JTM45 I must say after trying these I will purchase no others, The are by a long mile the best offerings at any price available. And I include the NOS Genelux at about $300 Each. They are consistent, long lasting and will give you everything from chainsaw buzz to haunting Cello like swells to Piano like bell tone chime. These things sound HUGE. Try them once and you will never go back.

Top of the pops


The builder of Satellite Amps agrees with what you state Gene.

He got my attention when he said these are the best on the current market.

Had one fail


I purchased a matched set of KT66's for my customized Bluesbreaker reissue and they sounded amazing. However, one of them went out with less than 20 hours of playing time. I just ordered a replacement. I don't want to change brands, since these sounded the best.



Changed the texture of my Low Dynamic Range on my Marshall 2266C in a sec. Should have done it as soon as I got the amp. Now I got Classic Marshall Roar on both ranges.

In my Quad II Classic Integrated Audio Amp


Replaced the original Tung Sols in my Quad II audio amp. Huge improvement in soundstage. I''ll be using these from now on.