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From our review: "I find the Svetlana 12AX7 preamp tube to sound a bit smoother than the 12AX7EH and it has less gain than the Tungsol 12AX7 vacuum tube. If you are not inspired by the Electro Harmonix and also find the Tungsol too grainy then this is the 12AX7 tube you want to give a chance. It has everything you want in a good pre-amp. Low noise, no microphonics issues, and very clear and open without being too bright."

This new production tube is manufactured at the New Sensor Corp. owned Xpo-Pul factory (also known as Reflektor) in Saratov, Russia. Use it to replace all other 12AX7, ECC83, and 7025 tube types. Solid construction and build quality and all test great on our equipment.

Not to be confused with the older Winged "C" version, this one is of far better quality.

One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They don't "light up" brightly when working properly.

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High-end detail of EH but slightly more gentle sounding

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I recently got 6 different new-production 12AX7 tubes out of curiosity to compare in a PAiA tube-head. For my personal preference, this Svetlana was my favorite, then EH > Psvane Gold > TungSol > Sovtek > unnamed "Made in China".

The Svetlana and EH were VERY similar, but the Svetlana had a more relaxed high end without sacrificing detail, and a more pleasant sounding breakup. Great sounding tube! Will definitely be my new go-to for new production 12AX7.

Very NOS

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As the main review says, these are generally clear and open. But in my experience, they can also be fat and warm, depending on what you’re running them with. They remind me very much of a particular vintage tube that as I understand it, became very popular as a replacement when RCA and Mullards became hard to find. I have a few of those particular tubes, and these are almost indecipherable.

Surprisingly Good Low Cost Option


This tube and the Preferred Series 7025 are currently my two favorite preamp tubes. The Svetlana is especially good considering the cost. I do think the PS is a little quieter and more articulate, and better suited for the V1 position, but I'm splitting hairs. The Svetlana is warmer and fuller in the lows and mids, and the highs are sweeter. It's a bit fatter sounding overall than the PS, which is brighter in the highs and tighter in the lows. The EQ can be tweaked to make these 2 tubes sound very similar, aside from the PS having a bit more clarity. If using the Svetlana for V1, I would have it tested for low noise, as they're not always as quiet as I would like. I actually like both tubes better than the TAD 7025WA, at least the one I've tried. It was noticeably lower output than the other two, very low noise and articulate, but thinner in all frequencies. I have to turn up the volume, mids & lows on the amp for the TAD to approach the other two.

Not dependable


I liked the sound at first. I put them in a few amps and really liked them in V2 of a DSL with a tungsol in V1. But after a really short time the be became very noisy and quite a few of them failed after little use. Avoid.

Very natural sound in PI


Put this in the PI of my Divided by 13 JRT9/15. Replaced an older EH I put in to replace the Russian (rebranded Sovtek) Groove Tube that was in it. I also tried a long plate JJ. The JJ had more gain and a touch more dynamics but was a bit harsher (this amp is very quick and can get strident very easily, see my review of the Tung-Sol EL84s). The Svetlana smoothed everything out without losing the dynamics this amp has in spades. Will get another and try it in various holes in my rebuilt '68 DR. I remember when Svetlana were the ticket for 6L6s and then changed factories, losing the recipe. They've hit a winner with this tube.