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This 12AX7 is a dual triode currenty produced in Russia. It is used by Fender, Ampeg, Carvin, and Hartke, among others.

From our review of this tube and the 12AX7-WB: "They don't have the best sound in this type, being prone to the occasional pop or tick. The sound quality lacked any real character but was acceptable. If the budget is tight, their affordability will be attractive. Also, keep in mind that many amp designers design the equipment to sound best with the tubes they will use in production. I have a friend that claims his amp only sounds right using Chinese pre-amp tubes, but your mileage may vary on this issue. If you like the Sovteks then go for it, particularly if you will use them in high gain applications with lots of effects."

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Falls behind in competitive 12AX7 segment


These are the most common tube I pull out to be upgraded. Nothing too much wrong though I find tone can be a little 'fizzy'; I agree with the Tubestore's review. The problem is that for barely any more money you can get a markedly better tube (I like EH or LPS in the value segment, but I haven't tried them all).

Removal was the best improvement


Three of these came in a used Carvin V3 I bought along with two Shuguang 12AX7's (I'm not sure which one, the label wore off. I think they are 12AX7B based on looking at the getter and comparing to pictures. Definitely Shuguang based on the plate structure, though.).
The first thing I noticed was that when I switched one of the Shuguang's to V1 instead of the Sovtek, the sound was markedly better.

I am in the process of retubing the amp and the biggest improvements have been getting these out of the circuit. With them out, I am getting more clarity, less fizz, and a much better top end. When I place them back in, all I get is mud and fizz.

The one redeeming characteristic was that they do seem to have a lot of bass on tap without getting flubby.

Bottom line: If you are strapped for cash, I recommend holding out until you have a few dollars more to get something else. These just aren't worth it.

A Very Durable Tube......


Not sonic bliss... but very durable. Use these where you need a oscillator like for a Fender Trem or Vibrato... Use them to drive a reverb spring. Put them in spots where they won't produce direct audio....... They really do hold up well.

I generally DON'T use these in audio paths, but I like them in "function" circuits. They last a looooong time. The China tubes don't last for me.

Killer dist in my 800


I did sound test with 12ax7wa, Electro Harmonix, and a Chinese Marshall tube in V1,2 and 3 all combinations. I thought the 12ax7wa in V1 added more bite and had a better response to pick attack. Btw i play straight up 80's metal with silver mod Ts9 dd3 and ch1, its awesome.

Not meant for audio


I have tried these tubes in every gear I own from 60s tube amps to mic preamps and recent amps and they never sound good.

I actually tried them everywhere because I bought 2 amps equipped with it and the spare tubes lie around.

I have yet to find a place where I want to use them. In the meantime, every single other 12AX7 that I have tried sounds better.