Sovtek 12AX7-WA Preamp Vacuum Tube

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This 12AX7 is a dual triode preamp tube currenty produced in Russia. It is used by Fender, Ampeg, Carvin, and Hartke, among others.

From our review of this vacuum tube and the 12AX7-WB: "They don't have the best sound in this type, being prone to the occasional pop or tick. The sound quality lacked any real character but was acceptable. If the budget is tight, their affordability will be attractive. Also, keep in mind that many amp designers design the equipment to sound best with the tubes they will use in production. I have a friend that claims his amp only sounds right using Chinese pre-amp tubes, but your mileage may vary on this issue. If you like the Sovteks then go for it, particularly if you will use them in high gain applications with lots of effects."

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Hot rod inverter tube, hole3


This tube I put in the inverter No3 hole of a hot rod deluxe, for that it is the best of all I tried, It has the smaller envelope. I would not use it in Number 1or2

Dont put too much stock in the trashings


Just replaced the jjs in v1 and v2 of my tweed bassman clone. I cant say they’re magical, but they are at least on par with the jjs. Was worried after reading other reviews but nothing to worry about. They’re fine- especially if firing up a tube amp for the first time.

Très doux et durable


Je prend jamais la peine d'écrire des commentaires quand j'achète sur internet mais cette fois ci je voulais prendre le temps de le faire! Un pour souligner l'excellent service de tube store. Deux j'ai eu un tube défectueux, j'ai écrit un email et hop tout étais régler je suis rendu a mon septième achat et je continuerai d'acheter ici. Trois pour en revenir a ce tube je le trouve doux et durable il a rien a ajouter. J'ai un Leben cs300xs et c'est le tube par défaut a l'intérieur, très satisfait de ce petit tube
I never bother to write comments when I buy on the internet but this time I wanted to take the time to do it!One, to emphasize the excellent service by,
I had a faulty tube, I wrote an email and now everything was fixed.  I went
to my seventh purchase and I will continue to buy here.
Three, to return to this tube I find it soft and durable it has nothing to add.I have a Leben cs300xs and this is the default tube inside, very satisfied with this little tube.

Not meant for audio


I have tried these tubes in every gear I own from 60s tube amps to mic preamps and recent amps and they never sound good.

I actually tried them everywhere because I bought 2 amps equipped with it and the spare tubes lie around.

I have yet to find a place where I want to use them. In the meantime, every single other 12AX7 that I have tried sounds better.

Killer dist in my 800


I did sound test with 12ax7wa, Electro Harmonix, and a Chinese Marshall tube in V1,2 and 3 all combinations. I thought the 12ax7wa in V1 added more bite and had a better response to pick attack. Btw i play straight up 80's metal with silver mod Ts9 dd3 and ch1, its awesome.