Preferred Series KT88

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Our Preferred Series KT88 tube is a versatile high quality tube. It is very musical and with a frequency range balanced from top to bottom. It has a strong detailed bass and smooth highs, with the mids slightly warm yet still detailed. The soundstage is wide and deep. The Preferred Series KT88 construction features a solid plate design and triple getters.

We have been working at sourcing a good quality KT88 tube for the past couple years. This KT88 has excellent quality and for the price is one of the best KT88 in production today. They are custom made for us in China by the Shuguang factory. Our years of experience in testing, rating and listening, combined with customer feedback and knowledge were used to give you the best tube value we can provide. These are tubes that consistently provide us with positive customer feedback.

This tube is also sold as or known as Penta KT88SC or KT88-SC tube.

The Preferred Series KT88 tubes carry a 6 month extended warranty.

Wholesale pricing: Is available on 25 pairs or more. Contact us for pricing.

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Warranty Period: 6 months

All our Preferred Series tubes are guaranteed for 6 months from the date of purchase. (Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab)

If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following:

- contact us to get a return authorization
- return it via regular mail within 6 months from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

Returns not related to warranty or defect will be considered at our discretion, and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

We can not accept returns that don't have an authorization, are past 6 months, or are returned improperly.

These guidelines may be updated without notice.

Preferred Series vs Gold Lion KT88.


I bought these for Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated amp 3 years ago. From the get go didn't care for them. Too much detail and brightness. Unlistenable almost unfortunately. Couldn't even stand to even let them break in.
Fast forward to now. Buddy of mine let me borrow his MC275 while on vacation. I've listened to this amp extensively for the past month with Gold Lion KT88. Honestly this is the smoothest most unfatiguing amp I've heard. With that I thought hey lets liven it up with the Preferred Series. I do have to say they sound better in this amp however, not near as euphonic as the Gold Lions. Bass is very good but overall disappointed with the overall presentation. Hearing some sibilance not present with the GL. Maybe they need more break-in and trying to be totally fair but they aren't living up to the price. The Gold Lions are a much better value and better tube sonically. Your mileage may vary.

Note from Like most KT88 tubes, a break-in period of 50 to 100 hours of music-playing time is required for best results and recommended before critical listening is considered.