Northern Electric 12AX7 Preamp Vacuum Tube

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Northern Electric had a rich history of producing high quality audio products and vacuum tubes in Canada. We are now re-introducing this classic brand and bringing to you the highest quality tubes possible.

The Northern Electric 12AX7 preamp tube is made with the highest quality materials. Everything is designed to give you unsurpassed audio quality. This tube has very large smooth plates. This design is much like a Telefunken 12AX7 / ECC83 smooth plate but a bit shorter. This design provides plenty of gain while maintaining an extremely low noise floor. It has been torture tested in a JTM 45, a Deluxe Reverb, anOrange 50 watt combo, and Bandmaster Reverb, with no failures or noise problems after hundreds of hours in clubs and studios. It doesn’t matter if you use an American or British design, this tube works.

In our listening tests it was easy to hear that the tube did not change the voice of the amplifier as some preamp tubes do. The Northern Electric enhances the sound across the entire spectrum. Our testers have reported no noticeable spikes or weakness in the lows, mids, or high end. The highs are very smooth with a balanced midrange response and warm, full bottom end.

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Northern Electric 12AX7 | Worth a little extra for the clarity

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These NE-12AX7 are all the good things they say in other reviews. Orange OR15 Tried one in the phase inverter position and it was a huge improvement. Ordered two more with the matching option. Tried one in the V1 and sounded great. Put the one in the V2 and sounded even better. I was running some nice modern mullards, but these sound even better than those. More clarity but still a pleasant warm tone just perfect.

Northern Electric 12AX7 | Used in Decware ZP3.

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First unit I received had a loud hum when inserted into my ZP3 phono stage. Contacted thetubestore and after a quick troubleshooting, a replacement unit was sent out. I received the NE-12AX7 tubes the next day! It sounds very good so far. Hopefully the tube will last. Happy with the customer service I received.

Northern Electric 12AX7 | Not even in the same league as a telefunken smooth plate .


These tubes are terrible , nothing at all
Like the description says , they are overly warm , while leaving the strings in the guitar sounding super thin . They are too smooth , and dark sounding . Not even in the same league as a telefunken smooth plate . Totally dishonest description , shame on the tube store .

Northern Electric 12AX7 | Tubes shipped fast

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The plates on these arn't smooth like a Telefunken , they are ribbed . Customer support was nice and the tubes shipped fast . Compared to a Telefunken these arn't as clear , they are decent . I wouldn’t have a problem using these in a amp that is bright and need a slight low mid boost. Says made in Canada, but they are actually made in China .

Northern Electric 12AX7 | Disappointed...


Croaked after about 6 months of moderate use in a Morgan AC20.